Articles by Phil Karras

An Amplified Indoor TV Antenna

I was given an antenna by a family member who didn’t want it any longer: It is the RCA, ANT 140. The label said: Thomson Consumer Electronics, Deptford NJ 08096-2088. I don’t know who the…

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Gain, Loss, and Noise Figure

I was looking at the “Understanding CEA Antenna Marks for Outdoor Antennas” page on the Solid Signal site, located here: Understanding CEA Antenna Marks for Indoor/Outdoor TV Antennas when I read what seemed to me to…

My Signals Are Getting Weaker

Back in the winter of 2013-14, we had some very big ice storms here in the Washington, D.C. / Baltimore area, which took out a large number of branches and a few trees as well….

Can an Alkaline Battery Be Recharged?

I’ve heard about this for years and always assumed that since the chemistry was not designed for recharging, any claim that this could be done was just so much hot air. A few months ago…