• FUN FRIDAY: Massively zoomable London

    Of course, now we take it for granted, but back when I was a kid I was fascinated by a video showing what would happen if you zoomed out and back in at fabulous speeds. The film, called Powers of Ten was created by American visionaries Charles and Ray Eames, and luckily it's on YouTube:

    Of course now we have Google Earth, and the leisurely 90 seconds it takes to get to deep space seems lazy and slow. Still, it was a lot of fun to ponder back then.

    We still don't have anything that will let us zoom in the same way that Powers of Ten did, but here's a cool site that shows an image from London's BT Tower and lets you zoom in on a 320-gigapixel panorama that comes as close to that old film as we're likely to get. Give it a try here: BT Tower 360 Panorama of London

    and here's a hint: keep zooming even if it looks like you're zoomed as far as you can go... it goes even further!

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