• Have you visited DIRECTV.com lately?

    We told you it was coming.... back in December when DIRECTV launched its new online portal. Now that it's here, have you taken a look?

    The one thing that impresses me most of all is the speed. DIRECTV's site used to be the slowest around. Sure there were plenty of features but who wanted to wait? That's all changed now. In fact, now the online site is a great complement to the smartphone and tablet experience we've been raving about this whole time.

    Take a look for example, at the online guide. It used to be slow and cumbersome and difficult to navigate. It's got a swanky new look borrowed from the iPad app that lets you scroll through channels quickly and easily, and set up favorites lists that make it easy to find what you want. It's not perfect though... you can select things to record but you can't simply tap on the screen and change the channel on the TV in front of you. Maybe with the next redesign.

    DIRECTV Everywhere functionality is all over the site. You can't watch live TV but you can browse through almost all of the on demand library including hit shows.

    The Answer Center gets better and better too, with natural language abilities and easy support options.

    There was a time that it was easy to pick on DIRECTV's online efforts but, and we're glad to say this, that time has long passed.

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