• From the Call Center: Can you share an AM21 between receivers?

    Our call center in Michigan is happy to help with all problems big or small. This question came in yesterday from a DIRECTV customer who wants to share over-the-air programming to multiple receivers:

    I would like to buy one AM21 adapter and use it for multiple receivers. Can I do that?
    Many people know that DIRECTV's HD receivers and DVRs can use the AM21 to get local programming from an antenna. It's great for getting all those subchannels not carried by DIRECTV, or for a backup in case of programming disputes. Some folks also claim that the over-the-air broadcasts are just the tiniest bit crisper than DIRECTV's recompressed versions. Whatever your reason, the AM21 is a great accessory to have.

    Unfortunately, you do need an AM21 for every H-series or HR-series device. You might think that a USB hub might let you split the signal or something, but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. It is possible to disconnect and move the AM21 but it doesn't help with a DVR which might need to schedule a recording for a time when the AM21 is disconnected.

    There's a better way to go. If you have an HR34 Genie, you can attach the AM21 and it will record up to 2 over the air channels. It will also share over-the-air programming to any attached C31 Genie Mini Clients. That's a good thing -- the AM21 would look pretty silly sitting on top of the tiny C31, right?

    Also remember that if you are using a SWM system you need a separate antenna wire to every TV. You cannot diplex the signal into the SWM line.

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    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -

      It comes down to this- you need an AM21 for every receiver, except the C31 Mini Genie Clients. You will also need an antenna wire to every AM21.