• DIRECTV wins Energy Star Partner of the Year

    Congratulations to DIRECTV's CTO Romulo Pontual and the entire staff for being awarded the Energy Star Partner of the Year award by the EPA. This award recognizes a company that has put a massive amount of effort into creating efficient electronic devices.

    Check out the following stats from DIRECTV's press release:

    Since becoming an ENERGY STAR partner in 2009, DIRECTV has made significant contributions to energy efficiency, including:

    • More than 40 million receivers, representing more than 95 percent of all DIRECTV receivers purchased since joining the ENERGY STAR program, are ENERGY STAR-qualified.
    • Deployed more than 10 million ENERGY STAR-qualified receivers in 2012 alone, which will result in an estimated electricity savings of more than 900 million kilowatt hours each year.
    • Delivery of energy savings to millions of set top boxes already in homes by enabling them to automatically go into an energy saving lower power mode when not in use.
    • Helping educate millions of Americans about energy efficiency and the ENERGY STAR program through a variety of marketing tactics.
    • Launching the innovative Genie™ whole-home HD DVR system, which utilizes a server and thin clients to offer customers substantial energy savings relative to whole-home HD DVR installations introduced only a few years prior.
    • Implementing the RVU remote user interface technology (RVU Alliance), which drives down energy consumption even further by enabling a receiver-less connection to compatible RVU client devices including many available Smart TV models.
    The press release goes on to say that DIRECTV customers have saved a combined $230,000,000,000 on energy bills since DIRECTV started incorporating energy-efficient features.

    They're not done. Firsthand experience will tell you that the upcoming HR44 DVR is both quieter and more efficient than the HR34, which packed a lot more power for only a tiny bit more energy use than the older 2-tuner DVRs. It's clear that DIRECTV takes this stuff seriously.

    It's a benefit that customers don't see because it's hard to say how much money you would have spent if the receivers weren't so efficient, but it's still there. There was a time that you could count on any hard-drive-based device to use as much power as a 100W light bulb when it was on, and DVRs are on all the time. The newer models use about 80% less power than that, and devices like the Genie Mini Clients use about 95% less power than a traditional DVR while giving all the same features.


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