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    by Published on 09-25-2017 03:12 PM
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    Quick. What's your best friend's phone number? You get points if you got it right. Still, you probably can't give the phone numbers of your ten closest relatives. The odds are overwhelming that you can give the phone numbers of the local fire, police, and hospital (not 911, the regular numbers.) Now, think ...
    by Published on 09-25-2017 12:22 PM
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    DIRECTV recently published a new list of DIRECTV 4K Ready TVs on their site. It's probably the simplest list I've seen, so I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy as well.

    DIRECTV 4K Ready TV models
    Year Model
    2015 JS9500, JS9100, JS9000, JS8600, JS8500, JS850D, JU7500, JU750D, JU7100, JU710D, JU6700, JU670D, JU6500, JU650D, JS8000, JS7000, JU6400, JU640D
    2016 UN88KS9800, UN78KS9800, UN65KS9800, UN78KS9500, UN65KS9500, UN55KS9500, UN75KS9000, UN65KS9000, UN55KS9000, UN65KS8500, UN55KS8500, UN49KS8500, UN65KS8000, UN60KS8000, UN55KS8000, UN49KS8000, UN78KU7500, UN65KU7500, UN55KU7500, UN49KU7500, UN43KU7500, UN85JU7100, UN75JU7100, UN65KU7000, UN55KU7000, UN55KU7000, UN49KU7000, UN43KU7000, UN40KU7000, UN65KU6500, UN55KU6500, UN48KU6500, UN75KU6300, UN70KU6300, UN65KU6300, UN60KU6300, UN55KU6300, UN50KU6300, UN43KU6300, UN40KU6300
    2017 QN75Q8CAM, QN65Q8CAM, QN55Q8CAM, QN75Q7FAM, QN65Q7FAM, QN55Q7FAM, QN657CAM, QN657CAM, UN75MU8000, UN65MU8000, UN55MU8000, UN49MU8000
    2015 UF9500, UF7600, UF7690, UF7700, UF8500, UF8600, EG9600, EF9800
    2016 65UH6550, 60UH6550, 55UH6550, 49UH6500, 43UH6500, 70UH6350, 58UH6300, 55UH6150, 60UH6150, 65UH6150, 43UH6100, 49UH6100, 49UH6090, 55UH6090, 60UH6090, 50UH5500, 65UH5500, OLED65E6P, OLED55E6P, OLED65C6P, OLED55C6P, 86UH9500, 65UH9500, 65UH8500, 55UH8500, 60UH8500, 55UH8500, 75UH6550, OLED77G6P, OLED65G6P, OLED65B6P, OLED55B6P, 65UH7700, 60UH7700, 55UH7700, 70UH6350
    2015 XBR-75X940C, XBR-65X930C, XBR-75X910C, XBR-65X900C, XBR-55X900C, XBR-75X850C, XBR-65X850C, XBR-55X850C, XBR-49X830C, XBR-43X830C, XBR-65X810C, XBR-55X810C, XBR-49X810C
    2016 XBR-55X850D, XBR-65X850D, XBR-75X850D, XBR-85X850D, XBR-55X930D, XBR-65X930D, XBR-75X940D, XBR-43X800D, XBR-49X800D, XBR-49X700D, XBR-55X700D, XBR-65X750D, XBR-65Z9D, XBR-75Z9D, XBR-100Z9D
    There's a more comprehensive list that is "usually" up to date, here.
    by Published on 09-23-2017 03:14 PM
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    The best thing since sliced bread? That may be saying a little much, but an outlet saver is going to make it a lot easier to manage all those electronic devices and chargers that make life in the 2010s possible.
    by Published on 09-23-2017 08:05 AM
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    So, CBS is has decided to strike out on its own with a streaming app. The question is, is it worth it to streamers?

    While every other networkís TV shows are available on Hulu, CBS has its own streaming service. Itís called CBS All Access and it sells for $5.99 per month for two simultaneous streams of CBS Live (in 150+ markets and On Demand with ads. (Thereís also a $9.99/month commercial-free version of the same deal.) This gives users access to CBSís ...
    by Published on 09-22-2017 04:29 PM
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    I've been hearing this one for about 3 years. Supposedly, DIRECTV will be so completely swallowed by AT&T that even the name will go away. People say it will be changed to "AT&T TV" or something similarly prosaic. I'm here to tell you, it's not going to happen, at least not now.

    I don't know why this rumor seems to be gaining steam ...
    by Published on 09-21-2017 02:47 PM
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    It looks like our fall preview guide has become an annual tradition. This is great because itís the one time I get to publicly disagree with Stuart Sweet!

    In October, the TV networks roll out what they hope will be the best of the best TV programs. As Stuart is keen to point out, this isnít always the case and I agree. Much of what passes as the ...
    by Published on 09-21-2017 09:40 AM
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    DISH is getting into the 4K game at long last with a full-time channel for Hopper 3 and its 4K Joey clients. DISH channel 540 will be carrying 4K on Saturdays all season with college football that you won't see in 4K anywhere else. They also say this is the beginning of something big, and that they'll be showing 4K baseball and other sports throughout the year.

    DISH has been slower to adopt 4K than DIRECTV, instead relying on the Hopper's ability to connect to Netflix for the bulk of its 4K options. This could be the beginning of an industry-wide adoption of 4K, which would be a long time coming.

    And for you press release fans, you know I wouldn't leave you out in the cold:

    Click for full Press Release
    DISH now delivering select college football games from FOX Sports in 4K.

    September 21, 2017 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    ENGLEWOOD, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DISH today announced that it will deliver select college football games from FOX Sportsí FS1 in 4K, beginning with the Oklahoma-Baylor matchup on Saturday, September 23 at 6:30 p.m. ET. Games will be simulcast in the pixel-packed format every weekend on DISH channel 540 throughout football season for Hopper 3 customers.

    ďDISH has offered 4K-ready set-top boxes for three years, and 4K TV market share is anticipated to exceed one-in-four U.S. households by the end of 2017,Ē said Vivek Khemka, DISH executive vice president and chief technology officer. ďThe missing element? 4K programming. Thatís why itís great to see forward-looking companies like FOX invest in 4K production, so together we can deliver live entertainment in crystal-clear resolution.Ē

    This move is part of a broader agreement that includes future 4K coverage of college basketball games, Major League Baseball and NASCAR racing.

    DISH offers a slate of 4K programming from NBCUniversal, Netflix, The Orchard and Mance Media. The company has also delivered special 4K broadcasts throughout the past year, including a live PPV broadcast of Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva mixed martial arts fight, Planet Earth II, and NBCís coverage of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad from Rio de Janeiro.

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