• Should you worry about your DIRECTV receiver overheating?

    Well, you shouldn't worry about it exploding... although it does make for a catchy picture (courtesy of Wikimedia.) DIRECTV receivers and DVRs have heat sensors that will shut them down long before they explode. However, as with any other piece of computer equipment, heat is always a concern and here's what you can do about it:

    • Never block the ventilation holes on the sides, back or top of the receiver.
    • When possible keep the receiver out in the open, rather than operating it in a closed cabinet. If it must be in a closed cabinet, make sure there is plenty of ventilation.
    • If you're concerned about lowering the temperature of the receiver, raise it up an inch or so. Rubber chair cups work very well for this purpose.

    Remember, DIRECTV receivers and DVRs are leased, so opening up the receiver to help it dissipate heat is off the table.

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    1. alnielsen's Avatar
      alnielsen -
      My H10 receiver (10 years ago ?) used to overheat and shutdown. I found a USB powered fan and used the usb port on the receiver to power it. It helped. It seemed to be a common problem with that receiver. Back then they were all owned, not leased.