• Netflix Announces 58 New Originals for Streaming!

    Good news for cord cutters who love streaming movies – Netflix has committed to nearly 60 new original shows! This means great streaming opportunities for you and your entire family!

    For those with streaming devices, Netflix already is an amazing place to enjoy great entertainment. The company already offers some amazing original programming including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Streaming fans who love Netflix originals might also like to hear that Netflix recently confirmed 58 new original shows in addition to the ones it currently offers! This represents a $6 billion investment in new original content, sources say.

    After perusing the upcoming titles of Netflix originals, I’m pleased to see a handful of reboots from my generation. Granted, I’m always a tad bit suspicious of remakes, since they sometimes fail to capture the magic of the original, but I always give directors points for trying. In the animation category, Netflix wants to bring Stretch Armstrong to today’s generation. As a kid growing up in the 1970s, I used to have a Stretch Armstrong action figure, so it will be interesting to see how he’ll be portrayed as a cartoon hero.

    Another reboot is Voltron: Legendary Defender. By the time this popular anime came to America in 1984, I was a little old for cartoons. My younger siblings and cousins loved it though, so I would use the power of this mighty robot to pacify these youngsters whenever my parents wrangled me into babysitting. It meant missing my beloved MTV but it was well worth it for the relative peace and quiet that Voltron brought to a house filled with rowdy Ribner children. I’ll be interested to see if my sons will take a fancy to the new-and-improved Voltron.

    Cord cutters and streaming fans have a lot to look forward to this summer. All told, of the 58 new Netflix originals, there are 17 animation, 23 drama, and 11 comedies among them. There are some science fiction and foreign language original shows as well. And who knows what other great original programming Netflix has yet to announce? If you’re into streaming movies, Netflix is a great place to be!

    Here is a look at the 58 confirmed Netflix originals and their scheduled release dates, where available:

    Animation: Release Date:
    Voltron: Legendary Defender June 10, 2016
    Justin Time: The New Adventures June 24, 2016
    Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh July 29, 2016
    Beat Bugs Animation August 2016
    Kulipari: Army of Frogs Summer 2016
    Lalaloopsy Fall 2016
    Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan and Jane 2016
    Trollhunters Animation 2016
    Bottersnikes and Gumbles 2016
    True and the Rainbow Kingdom 2017
    Stretch Armstrong TBA
    Winx Club Wow: World of Winx Early 2016
    Cirque du Soleil – Luna Petunia Late 2016
    Buddy Thunderstruck 2017
    Las Leyendas 2017
    Green Eggs and Ham 2018
    Perfect Bones TBA
    Comedy: Release Date:
    A Series of Unfortunate Events 2016
    Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 2016
    Haters Back Off 2016
    Santa Clarita Diet 2017
    Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later 2017
    Easy Comedy TBA
    G.L.O.W. TBA
    One Day at a Time TBA
    #Girlboss TBA
    Maniac Dark TBA
    Crazy Face 2017
    Drama: Release Date:
    The Crown November 4, 2016
    The OA 2016
    Frontier 2016
    Ozark 2017
    Gypsy 2017
    Dear White People 2017
    El Chapo 2017
    13 Reasons Why TBA
    Mindhunter TBA
    Kiss Me First TBA
    Untitled Series - Operation Car Wash TBA
    Educational: Release Date:
    Julie’s Greenroom 2017
    Foreign Language Release Date:
    3% (Portuguese) 2016
    Ingobernable (Spanish) 2016
    Suburra (Italian) 2017
    Dark (German) 2017
    Untitled Netflix Original (Spanish) 2017
    Edha (Spanish) 2017
    Musical Drama: Release Date:
    The Get Down August 12, 2016
    Reality TV Release Date:
    Ultimate Beastmaster TBA
    Police Procedural: Release Date:
    Captive TBA
    Science Fiction/Drama Release Date:
    Stranger Things July 15, 2016
    Lost in Space Early 2017
    Black Mirror (Season 3) TBA
    Altered Carbon TBA
    The Greenhouse TBA
    Travelers TBA
    Superhero: Release Date:
    Marvel’s Luke Cage September 30, 2016
    Marvel’s Iron Fist 2017
    Marvel’s The Punisher 2018

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