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  • DIRECTV adds HD channels to Bangor, ME

    Stop looking at your watch, it's not 2009. As DIRECTV moves closer to its goal of turning off all standard definition broadcasts in 2019, it still has a bit of work to do. Surprisingly, not every TV market served by DIRECTV actually has HD channels, and so losing SD ones would be a huge problem. In fact, as of last week DIRECTV only served 121 of the 210 metropolitan areas in the US with HD channels.

    Make that 122.

    DIRECTV subscribers in Bangor, Maine woke up this morning to find a little bit more to enjoy. The city's local channels -- WLBZ/NBC, WVII/ABC, WABI/CBS, WFVX/FOX and WMEB/PBS, are now in beautiful HD for the first time. Welcome to the 21st century, citizens of Bangor.

    With an area population hovering around 153,000 and a location that combines heavy snowfall and a difficult path for aiming a dish, the truth is that DIRECTV probably isn't awesomely popular in Bangor. But every dog has its day, and if you're an urban dweller who has enjoyed HD since 2007, you should welcome Bangor into the growing HD family.

    It remains to be seen whether DIRECTV will actually be able to migrate all of its local stations to HD before SD service stops. If not, there may still be some SD local channels, although it's possible they will be migrated to the MPEG-4 technology used by HD local channels. Since DIRECTV has in recent years moved aggressively away from over-the-air antenna support, there will have to be some path to get those smaller markets ready for the transition that will take place when DIRECTV retires the last satellite in its 119 degree orbital slot.

    In the meantime, let's all toast the fine people of Bangor, where the weather is a "pleasant" 43 degrees as I write this and the future for satellite TV has never been brighter!

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    1. Doctor j's Avatar
      Doctor j -
      You have me confused.
      As one who has followed the progression of HD LIL channels on Directv since before the addition of my home, Birmingham Al. , market on 4/19/2006, I did not understand this post.
      This IS a POST of 4/15/2009 , as that was the day Bangor, Maine awoke to HD LILs being activated.

      AS of today , counting Puerto Rico as a DMA , Directv has LILs on 199 of 211 DMA Markets with all having at least some if not all available in HD.

      These are the 12 orphan Markets with not only No HD LILs but No LILs of any sort.
      Alpena, MI
      Bowling Green, KY
      Casper-Riverton, WY
      Cheyenne,(Scottsbluff, NE),WY
      Glendive, MT
      Grand Junction-Montrose, CO
      Helena, MT
      North Platte, NE
      Ottumwa,(Kirksville, MO),IA
      Presque Isle, ME
      San Angelo, TX
      Victoria, TX

      This post was NOT listed as a "Throw Back" article.
      Shame on you!

      Doctor j
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      Not trying to confuse... here's my source: DirecTV Adds Local HD Networks in Bangor, Maine HD Report
    1. Doctor j's Avatar
      Doctor j -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Sweet View Post
      Not trying to confuse... here's my source: DirecTV Adds Local HD Networks in Bangor, Maine HD Report
      Thanks for the response but "they" are way off.
      My info as above is accurate.
      Bangor HD activated in 2009.
      199 of 211 DMA's have HD service.
      99.58% of US TV households with Directv HD LIL service 'available'.
      My Source:

      Doctor j
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      I tend to trust that site as well. I'll investigate further.
    1. HoTat2's Avatar
      HoTat2 -
      Hey Stuart;

      Did you happen to get any further clarification about what the '19 SD turn-off actually entails?

      Is it to be no more SD channels at all or MPEG-2 SD?

      Some weeks ago on another topic you said that you hoped to have more info. within a few days. Even the possibility of asking Phil Goswitz himself after I joked aboit it ...
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      The one commitment is that there will be no national SD after the '19 shutoff. Some locals believe it or not are still not providing HD signals, so they will be re-encoded to MPEG4 if they can't provide an HD signal.