• BE CAREFUL when upgrading to a SWM-30 multiswitch

    You know you want this SWM-30 multiswitch. Not only does it support up to 26 receivers or DVRs, it also gives you full support for 4K in the future. Yeah, the 4K LNB that connects to it isn't available yet, but that's temporary. You know it's coming.

    I recently became aware of a problem that can happen when upgrading. If you're using the SWM-30 to replace the SWM-16, you need to be very careful when replacing the outputs. This is the output side of a SWM-16:

    If you compare that to the image above, there's a difference. On the SWM-30, the PWR port is the top one, while on the SWM-16, it's the middle one. If you connect the power inserter into the middle port of the SWM-30 -- that's the SWM1 output port -- you will fry the SWM-30.

    You could ask why the SWM-30's designers had to swap the ports, or why they couldn't at least have put in a DC blocking circuit into the outputs, but you have to face the fact that the multiswitch is the way it's going to be.

    Just be careful, label your cables carefully, and if I were you I'd doublecheck your connections before powering everything up.

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