• Another AT&T Webcast tomorrow -- feel like listening?

    Call it a slow news day. I got this press release from AT&T and I figured I would share it with you. Randall Stephenson is "the top person" at AT&T, and anytime he speaks, he's going to make some sort of wave, even if it's not a very big one. This time tomorrow he'll be speaking at something called the "Goldman Sachs Communicopia Conference" which sounds like a great excuse for very wealthy people to get together and use all sorts of acronyms none of us understand.

    But hey, if you're bored you might want to check it out. I'll share the press release with you all and you can see if it's your cup of tea. Nice thing is... it's free, at least to listen. I have to imagine you'd pay a lot if you actually went.

    AT&T will webcast a presentation by Randall Stephenson, AT&T Inc. chairman and chief executive officer, at the 26th Annual Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference in New York City on Tuesday, Sept. 12. The event is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. ET.

    The webcast will be available live and for replay at AT&T Investor Relations. We recommend viewers start the webcast a few minutes before the planned start time in case the conference schedule changes.

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