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  • What to do if your NiteCore Tip flashlight turns off after 30 seconds

    I love this little NiteCore Tip Tactical Flashlight. I did not expect to care about a flashlight like this and I certainly didn't think it would be worth the money, considering that I (and everyone else in the world) has a flashlight on my phone. But, it's earned a permanent place on my key ring because it's tough, it's rechargeable, and it's ridiculously bright. There's only one thing I didn't like... right out of the box it turns itself off after 30 seconds.

    For the life of me I do not know why the makers of this excellent flashlight would do this. Battery savings is one thing but honestly if I want light, I want light. Simple as that. I don't ever want light for just 30 seconds. It boggles my mind that this is even an option.

    Luckily there's a simple solution and it's even in the manual. (Manual? It has a manual? I know, you probably threw that out with the packing material.) Simply press both switches on the flashlight at the same time until you get two flashes. From then on, it acts like a normal flashlight - it turns on when you turn it on and doesn't turn off until you turn it off.

    Seriously, why would the people who make this flashlight think we wanted it to work any other way? And why would the default be "only stay on for 30 seconds?" I mean, if for some reason that I can't fathom, you would actually want something like that, have it be an option, not the way the thing works when you power it on. That's just ridiculous.

    Good thing they give you the option to make it work like a normal flashlight. Even with the 30-second limit it was pretty darn close to perfect. Now that I can have it on as long as I want, it just might be the last flashlight I ever need.

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    1. PhilK's Avatar
      PhilK -
      I'd send it back until they make that a user selected option instead of the default. If I turned the flashlight on, it should stay on as long as I'm holding it or until I turn it off - even if it kills the battery. We're used to this type of flashlight operation & I haven't ever met anyone who has complained about this typical flashlight operating mode.

      If it automatically turns off, it is not doing what it is supposed to do - light my way.

      I say ditch it, do not buy it until they change it to normal mode as the default and turn off mode as a selected option to be used ONLY when I hand the flashlight to my grand kids to play with. At least then I may have a somewhat good battery when they return it to me.