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  • DIRECTV Adds Five HD Channels Ė Solid Signal

    DIRECTV just added five high-definition channels this week.
    I canít believe I almost missed this satellite TV development!

    On Wednesday, DIRECTV added five new channels to its lineup of 200+ HD channels. Iím pleased to say that the newly-added channels offer a variety of programming for people who live in what some might call ďflyover country.Ē In other words, itís TV who donít live on the left or right coasts, such as myself. Given the variety of programming these new stations bring, Iím sure there are plenty of people on the coasts who will enjoy them, too. (Except for Stuart Sweet, that is. He doesnít enjoy anything!)

    DIRECTVís recently added HD channels are:

    • FX Movie Channel (channel 248)
    • The Outdoor Channel (606)
    • American Heroes Channel (287)
    • Discovery Family Channel (294)
    • RFD-TV (345)

    Letís take a close look at these new HD channels that once were part of DIRECTVís standard-definition or SD lineup:

    American Heroes Channel
    The programming on this channels focuses upon military or law enforcement themes. (It was formerly know as the Military Channel, after all!) Now this is the gritty, action-packed historical stuff that I really dig. Some of the channelís most popular shows include Ancient Assassins, Gunslingers and Blood Feuds. (I tune into Inside Secret Societies whenever I need my Illuminati fix! What can I say? I love a good conspiracy theory every now and then.)

    Discovery Family Channel
    This station airs programming for young children with a very interesting twist. Since the channel is co-owned by Discovery Communications and Hasbro, shows based upon some of the toy companyís products take center stage here. For example, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, and Strawberry Shortcake are popular series on the channel. So are shows featuring the Transformers and a few more of Hasbroís action-oriented toys. Most parents should be happy to have another channel featuring childrensí shows. (Iím a bit tired of seeing the same episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines in my house!)

    FX Movie Channel
    If action is your thing, then the FX Movie Channel is for you. Also known as FXM, the programming includes recent and classic films owned by the Fox studio and many other motion picture companies. Some of FXMís most recent titles include popular action-adventure romps such as Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Wolverine. Who has the popcorn?

    The Outdoor Channel
    With shows such as American Archer, Duck Dynasty, and Major League Fishing, this channelís appeal is self-evident Ė hunting and fishing enthusiasts. The Outdoor Channel also features programming that includes Western lifestyle, off-road motorsports, and other forms of modern-day adventure. (My personal favorite is Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey. How can you go wrong with a show featuring the guy who played the crazy drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket?)

    RFD-TV stands for Rural Free Delivery and the station is owned by Rural Media Group. All this says a lot about the stationís programming, which is devoted to rural interests. For example, two of the stationís popular programs are called Rural Town Hall and Rural Heritage. Thereís also plenty of entertainment on RFD-TV, such as Hee Haw, Opry Encore, and many other similar programs. RFD-TV is one example of a variety of satellite TV channels that cater to the interests of a diverse amount of American viewers.

    Stay TunedÖ
    You never know when DIRECTV might sneak even more HD channels into its every-growing lineup. Seriously! Iíve been so focused upon the improvements in streaming services that I almost missed this equally important news. Going forward, we here at the Solid Signalís Information Central (aka the Solid Signal blog) will keep an ever-sharpened eye on all satellite TV developments.

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    1. PhoenixAZ's Avatar
      PhoenixAZ -
      Finally, after launching 13 years ago in HD, the Outdoor Channel in HD! Let's hope Sportsman Channel, owned by the same company, gets added in HD as well.

      Yes, Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey is a great show.