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Thread: COM2000 signals

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    COM2000 signals

    Alright gents,

    I'm new to the COM2000 system, but have been a residential tech for sometime before, so I understand signal level to the box at that side. My question is with the COM2000 system how are you guys measuring your signal and the end point i.e. the stb or tv. I have tried the aim meter but it doesn't work for me seeing as how the signal is different coming out of the COM2000. I have a Blonder Tongue and do get readings but in the dBmV levels or dBm.

    Thanks guys!

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    You can use almost any CATV meter, this one should work. Solid Signal Digiair Pro CATV Spectrum Analyzer (DIGIAIR-PRO-CATV) from Solid Signal

    Because the signal is encrypted, you can't see much without decryption, but you should be able to see signal levels.

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