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Thread: Providing Ethernet access to other rooms using DECAs and the HR44/54 Genie

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    Providing Ethernet access to other rooms using DECAs and the HR44/54 Genie

    I have a question about using DECAs to piggyback Ethernet to all my DTV receiver locations. Originally I had two HR22s, with the outboard DECA. When I got whole home, we put the old DECABB1R0 connected to the SWM and to my router in my office. Next to the HR22s I put Ethernet switches and connected them to the outboard Ethernet ports. All was good. I had Ethernet for any purpose near the receivers. Then I had an HT22 die and they replaced it with a HR224, so I used a splitter on the coax from the SWM one output to the HR24 and the other to a DECA2PR that DTV sent me. Connect that to the switch and it all works to put Ethernet at the HR24. Now the other HR22 is dying and so needs replacement. DTV is pushing me to use the Genie HR44/54. Does the same trick to get Ethernet to the receiver area still work (splitter + DECAEPSKIT)? The SolidSignal Guide to DirecTV Networking only lists up HR34. Having effectively piggybacked "whole home Ethernet" onto my system, I don't want to give it up. If not, what's the simplest way to get this all to work?

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    The same technique works with the newer genies as well... we are in the process of updating all the guides.

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    I'll be sure to let you know when they are ready.


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