Since our relaunch in February 2012, we've seen explosive growth! We're really proud of what we've built here, with thousands of visitors every day and over 7,900 registered members. (Are you one of them?)

If you're one of our newer members, you might not have seen some of the quality content we posted just six months ago. Here are ten articles from August that still hold true today. Even if you were one of the first members here, you might find they deserve a second look!

  1. What is a Yagi Antenna?
  2. Antenna TV: the parent's best friend
  3. TIP: How to aim an antenna
  4. Is this the tipping point for cable TV?
  5. DIRECTV App for iPad 1.6: Your exclusive Hands-On review
  6. Hands on with the Sonora SWM-A2 Amplifier
  7. Hands on with the HD-BLADE, part 4: Cat/Tenna
  8. TIP: Refer a friend to DIRECTV ... save $200
  9. Why can't cable companies put HD Channels in the low numbers?
  10. TIP: Terminate those unused ports!!