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Thread: WHITE PAPER: The Ultimate Guide to DIRECTV Upgrading

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    WHITE PAPER: The Ultimate Guide to DIRECTV Upgrading

    Completely revised and updated!

    Once upon a time, this report, originally called "More than 16 tuners in the home," was the go-to source for people wanting to upgrade their DIRECTV systems past what most installers would do. It became an essential part of any good technician's toolbox and by June, 2017 was downloaded over 150,000 times.

    With the release of DIRECTV's SWM-30 multiswitch and Reverse Band LNBs, it's gotten easier than ever to upgrade your system. Our new, revised and updated third edition, renamed "The Ultimate Guide to Upgrading," is available now and shows you how to get more than 16 tuners in the home (or office) ... A LOT more! It's been updated to show proper wiring for up to 104 tuners and if that's not enough for you, it even gives you instructions on how to exceed that!

    For those who are still using the SWM-8 and SWM-16 multiswitches, choose the older 2014 version, shown below. For those who want the ultimate power, download the all new version to find out how easy it is to upgrade your DIRECTV system!

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    If you had this document before, you'll want to download the all new version!

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    Hi Stuart, the revised and updated third edition is incredibility informative, Thank You!
    I have one question/clarification to ask, at the bottom of page 6, under "POWERING A SWM MULTISWITCH OR LNB" it says "The PI-21 power inserter, which is black instead of grey, should no longer be used." Is there a technical reason for this or is there some other reason? I ask because I am currently using a PI-21 with a 3D2RBLNB (it's all the installer had available) and HR44/C51/HR24(x2) setup and am curious whether or not I should or need to upgrade the PI. I think it's the "... should no longer be used." part that's got me confused. Thank You.
    DIRECTV since April 2000.

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    The PI21 may not supply enough current to the Digital SWM LNB depending on where it is placed. If your system is working fine, don’t worry... but if you are planning a new system you should choose the 29 volt power inserted instead,


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