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Thread: PlugCam problems? Try these tips

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    PlugCam problems? Try these tips

    The PlugCam is cool. It uses your home powerlines to create a security system that needs no wiring and doesn't even rely on your wi-fi. It's easy to configure and easy to use. But what if it doesn't work for you the first time? Here are some tips to help you configure your PlugCam.

    Are the lights flashing?

    Take a look at the camera module itself. The power light should be solid and the network light should be flashing.

    Then, look at the network module. The power light should be solid, and the other two lights should be flashing at two different rates.

    If this isn't the case, the two modules aren't communicating. Try putting them in the same room, just to test. Connect the base unit to your router with an ethernet cable and plug the two devices into the same outlet. Wait about two minutes and you should see the flashing lights.

    Remember, you cannot use a surge protector with the PlugCam. It will not work.

    If the lights start flashing when the modules are in the same room but not when the camera is in a different room, then the signal is not getting from room to room. Just as a test, turn off all lights or anything that could cause electrical noise (like a microwave oven.) Fluorescent lights have been known to cause just enough interference to make the system fail.

    PC software problems?

    The PC software will sometimes fail to find the camera. When this happens just quit and restart the PC software. Also, in order to use the PC software you must be an "administrator" and you must answer "yes" when the pop-up menu appears. If you are running Windows 8 you may have to set the program to Windows 7 compatibility.

    Do you have the password right?

    You may have tried setting up the system but you are getting a message that the password is wrong or the camera cannot be found. Use a pin or paperclip to reset the PlugCam by pressing in the indentation at the left. Then try using the smartphone app, try the QR code installation method. It is the most foolproof.

    If none of these tips help there may be issues with your PlugCam installation. Post any questions you may have here and we'll try to answer them!

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    I followed your tips/instructions for the PlugCam, in the blog post and still my phone app says "Connect to camera failure" How long do you hold the paperclip in the slot? Also can I download software to view the camera on my PC?
    THanks Frank

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    It should only take a few seconds. Do you have all green lights on the Ethernet bridge and flashing green light on the camera?

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    All works well when I plug the PLC adapter directly into my cable modem, however, when I try plugging it into my router, the camera is not connecting. (I am using the android app to view the camera)
    Your help is GREATLY appreciated. When I call customer support, I am always told the lady I need to speak with that provides support isn't in.

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    The issue is most likely the need to set port forwarding on the router. When you have a router in front of a cable modem you have to do a few things to make sure the information flows properly.

    I will contact the people at brite-view and see if I can find out which port is used for the power line adapter. Then it is just a matter of figuring out how to set up port forwarding on your router.

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    I sent off an e-mail this morning, hopefully they will respond quickly.

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    OK, the response is that you should try disabling the firewall on your router to see if that makes a difference. If it does then you should look into enabling the firewall on the cable modem instead, or allowing all UDP traffic from the Brite-view base station's IP address through the firewall.

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    i am having an issue. I already have 2 that work great. I purchased two additional cameras and they BOTH give me an error that the factory password is incorrect. So even with the reset button pushed several times - for several minutes, i still get the incorrect password and it is with both qr scan and manual input. WTF?

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    I will send off an email to the manufacturer on Monday morning and see what can be done. I may need some more information from you.


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