Understanding GPS

GPS is magic. At least it seems that way. Whether you’re using a smartphone, in-car unit or standalone, GPS technology is pretty awesome. You never get lost. It always knows exactly where you are. But how…

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How does Google Maps know my location?

It’s kind of creepy, isn’t it? It seems like no matter what device you are using, Google Maps and other sites seem to know your exact location. Desktop computers don’t have GPS chips so you have…

SilverCloud GPS Tracking System, Part 1.5

  After several days of using the SilverCloud GPS Tracking System, things are going well. Since I don’t have an evil nemesis, I installed the unit in a friend’s car and have been tracking her movements….

Use the Right GPS for the Job!

GPS has revolutionized the way we get around. No more asking for directions, no more following maps… just get in and go. GPS is on our phones, it’s in our cars, planes and boats. A…