September 2016

STREAMING SATURDAY: Netflix in September

Netflix in September will bring the second season of an original series and a documentary on sexual assault. Both should make for some entertaining and thought-provoking streaming. Netflix is the perfect entertainment source for myself and…

Princess’s Perfect Pink Computer Case

What do you get a young lady who loves consumer electronics products for her eighth birthday? I think I’ve finally found the perfect thing, and it’s available from Solid Signal. Next month, my niece turns eight….

THEY LISTENED TO ME: Apple to clean up app store

If you recall, it wasn’t that long ago that I pointed out some serious problems with Apple’s App Store. I’m guessing Apple’s Tim Cook reads The Solid Signal Blog, because yesterday Apple issued new guidelines for apps and…

Super Streaming for Kids

Want to spend more time with the kids in your family? Make your house a streaming hotspot with one easy-to-use consumer electronics product. We’ve been talking about consumer electronics products for kids with birthdays in October….