A Huge Marine DIRECTV Job!

Even when the DIRECTV marine job is gigantic, our customer service never misses a beat!

Our Signal Connect division is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer. Our reps specialize in DIRECTV for boats and offer the best customer service. This usually involves offering free tech support and account management. Recently, our rep Jonathon Porter handled a DIRECTV upgrade that was much larger than any of his other jobs. His dedication to customer service helped guide him through the task until it was completed. Needless to say, the client is extremely pleased. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing Signal Success Story!

700 DIRECTV Receivers in 70 Boats!

That’s what American Commercial Barge Line (ABCL) needed from Signal Connect. It was a part of the marine transportation company’s DIRECTV upgrade. They did the right thing by choosing Signal Connect as their DIRECTV dealer. Jonathon Porter was the rep assigned to ABCL. “Jonathon was very helpful throughout the entire process,” said Rick Ashby, ABCL Manager Technical Services.

It was Jonathon’s job to get this huge order sorted and shipped. Then, once ABCL installed the upgrade receivers, Jonathon had to activate each one. Most Signal Connect reps can activate one commercial marine receiver in 15 minutes or less. “Jonathon activated everything rather quickly,” Rick commented. “This helped minimize our crew’s inconvenience of not having programming to watch on their off time.”

Going into the job, Jonathon knew it was going to take a lot of effort. He had to replace 700 SD receivers with HD receivers. And each receiver had to be the specific one for each place and each boat. “We did the work ahead of time, so we know where each receiver goes,” Jonathon explained. “This is very important to our client, so I was happy to put the extra time and effort in to make sure it was done right.”

“White Glove” Service

Yes, this division sells DIRECTV, AT&T wireless service, and cell phone boosters. Concierge customer service, aka white-glove service, is its true specialty. This includes quickly activating DIRECTV accounts. It also includes free tech support and account management. A big part of that is diagnosing DIRECTV connection issues over the phone and walking clients through the fix. “Whatever our clients need, we help them!” Jonathon added.

Our customers get a HUGE benefit by calling us directly. They avoid DIRECTV’s busy call center. While we have a great relationship with the satellite TV provider, we also know they have a very busy call center. This means that many people get put on hold and are transferred around before they finally get the help they need. “When my clients have a connection issue, they call me directly,” Jonathon said. “I diagnose the problem then talk to them every step of the way until it’s fixed.”

Need DIRECTV for Boats?

Contact Signal Connect. We’re the experts at delivering DIRECTV marine solutions. We can handle everything from one boat to the largest fleets. “Our reps are here to answer ALL of your questions,” said Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect Sales Manager. “Just give us a call at 888-233-7563 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.” If you’re reading this after hours, we recommend you fill out the form below and send it to us.


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