All the locals on DIRECTV NOW, Summer 18 Edition

Live streaming just keeps looking better and better. When you look at all the local channels available as part of your DIRECTV NOW package, it’s pretty impressive. A lot of people believed that it was going to be impossible for either AT&T or DISH to provide a robust set of local channels for people. Those people were wrong. Nearly every subscriber now has access to at least two local channels with many markets having up to six.

Let’s take a look

Our friends over at CordCutters News did the heavy lifting and research to compile the list, and I’m happy to show it here as well. It’s organized alphabetically by the name of the major city being served.

A through C

A through C

Market ABC CBS FOX NBC My TV Telemundo
Albany, NY X X X
Albuquerque, NM X X X X
Anchorage, AK X
Atlanta, GA X X X X X X
Austin, TX X X X X
Baltimore, MD X X X X
Bangor, ME X
Baton Rouge, LA X X
Bend, OR X
Billings, MT
Biloxi, MS X
Binghamton, NY X
Birmingham, AL X X X
Boston, MA X X X X X
Bozeman, MT X
Buffalo, NY X X X X
Burlington, VT X X X
Butte, MT X
Cedar Rapids, IA X
Champaign, IL X X
Charleston, SC X X
Charleston, WV X X X X
Charlotte, NC X X X X X
Chattanooga, TN X X
Cheyenne, WY
Chicago, IL X X X X X
Chico, CA
Cincinnati, OH X X X X
Cleveland, OH X X X X
Colorado Springs, CO X X X
Columbia, MO X
Columbia, SC X X
Columbus, MS X
Columbus, OH X X X X
D through L

D through L

Market ABC CBS FOX NBC My TV Telemundo
Dallas, TX X X X X X
Davenport, IA
Dayton, OH X X X X
Denver, CO X X X X
Des Moines, IA X X X
Detroit, MI X X X X X
El Paso, TX X X
Eugene, OR X
Evansville, IN X X
Flint, MI X X
Fort Myers, FL X X X
Fort Smith, AR X
Fresno, CA X X X
Gainesville, FL X
Grand Junction, CO
Grand Rapids, MI X X X X
Great Falls, MT X
Green Bay, WI X X X X
Greensboro, NC X X X X
Greenville, NC X
Greenville, SC X X X
Hagerstown, MD X
Harrisburg, PA X X X X
Hartford, CT X X X X
Honolulu, HI X
Houston, TX X X X X X
Huntsville, AL X X
Idaho Falls, ID
Indianapolis, IN X X X
Jackson, MS X
Jacksonville, FL X X X
Juneau, AK X
Kansas City, KS/MO X X X X
Knoxville, TN X X X
Las Vegas, NV X X X
Lexington, KY X X X X
Lima, OH X
Lincoln, NE
Little Rock, AR X X X
Los Angeles, CA X X X X X
Louisville, KY X X X X
M through R

M through R

Market ABC CBS FOX NBC My TV Telemundo
Madison, WI X X
Memphis, TN X X X
Meridian, MS
Miami, FL X X X X
Milwaukee, WI X X X
Minneapolis, MN X X X X X
Missoula, MT X
Mobile, AL X X X
Nashville, TN X X X X
New Bedford, MA X
New Orleans, LA X X X
New York, NY X X X X X
Norfolk, VA X X X X
Oklahoma City, OK X X X
Omaha, NE X X
Orlando, FL X X X X
Ottumwa, IA
Paducah, KY X X X
Palm Springs, CA X
Philadelphia, PA X X X X X
Phoenix, AZ X X X X X
Pittsburg, KS X
Pittsburgh, PA X X X X X
Portland, ME X X
Portland, OR X X
Presque Isle, ME
Providence, RI X X
Raleigh, NC X X X X
Roanoke, VA X X X X
Rochester, NY X
Rockford, IL
S through Z

S through Z

Market ABC CBS FOX NBC My TV Telemundo
Sacramento, CA X X X X X
Saint Joseph, MO X
Saint Louis, MO X X X X
Salisbury, MD
Salt Lake City, UT X X X X
San Antonio, TX X X X X
San Diego, CA X X X X
San Francisco, CA X X X X X
Santa Barbara, CA X
Savannah, GA X
Scranton, PA
Seattle, WA X X X X X
Sherman, TX
Shreveport, LA X
Sioux City, IA
Sioux Falls, SD
South Bend, IN
Spokane, WA X X
Springfield, MO X X
Syracuse, NY X
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa, FL X X X X X
Toledo, OH X X
Tri-Cities TN-VA X X
Tucson, AZ X X X
Tulsa, OK X X X X
Waco, TX X X X
Washington, DC X X X X X
West Palm Beach, FL X X X X
Wichita, KS X X X
Wilkes X
Yuma, AZ X X

What if that’s not enough local channels for you?

The good news here is that by adding a TV antenna you can probably get dozens more free channels. Over 90% of Americans are within range of local TV channels and getting them is easy.

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BREAKING: One last thing

This chart was revised at the last minute thanks to Jake Buckler, who brought up that Nexstar-owned locals are now on DIRECTV NOW. Look for his full report tomorrow.

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