AT&T Acquires Crunchyroll, AccuWeather, and More

AT&T recently announced its acquisition of Otter Media. This gives AT&T full control over Otter Media’s many popular streaming services, which includes the popular Crunchyroll. All things Otter Media are set to become part of AT&T’s WarnerMedia unit, which was created when the communications giant merged with Time Warner. This recent news is more confirmation of AT&T’s desire to have a strong presence among streaming service providers. AT&T announced the acquisition on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

  • AT&T now has even more to offer, thanks to its purchase of Otter Media. This gives the AT&T control over a wide variety of streaming services, which includes:
  • Crunchyroll: Distributors of East Asian media that includes anime, manga, drama, music, and other electronic entertainment.
  • FullScreen: An entertainment company and network that offers creative tools and services to YouTube content creators and brands. It also has a wide variety of popular original programs.
  • Rooster Teeth: A media and entertainment company known for its live-action shorts, series, comedy, Let’s Play videos, and animated productions.
  • VRV: A streaming service that offers a variety of anime, gaming, tech, cartoons, and more.

Right now, there’s no idea how AT&T will roll out its newly-acquired Otter Media content. It could appear on DIRECTV on Demand and/or DIRECTV NOW’s on demand selection. There’s also the possibility that that ATT will “zero rate” Crunchyroll and other Otter content. That is to say, AT&T could simply choose to offer some or all of this programming for free. This would sharpen DIRECTV NOW’s already competitive edge among popular streaming service providers. Zero rating is a real possibility since the corporations already zero rates its DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW apps.

It’s no secret that AT&T continues to be a strong player among the streaming service providers. The communications company currently offers two streaming options, DIRECTV NOW and AT&T Watch TV. It also continues to acquire more local TV affiliates for its DIRECTV NOW streaming service. The addition of Otter Media’s varied programming options only deepens AT&T’s position in the streaming services market. The corporation has not released word whether the Otter Media channels and apps will be available for DIRECTV NOW, AT&T Watch TV, or both streaming services.

DIRECTV NOW Adds AccuWeather, Drops WeatherNation

DIRECTV NOW recently added the AccuWeather channel, which replaced WeatherNation. AT&T made the same replacement on DIRECTV’s satellite TV services. The channel first aired on August 1 on DIRECTV, while the channel expected to be available on DIRECTV NOW later this month. It will be found on channel 361, which was WeatherNation’s former slot.

AccuWeather is a media company that provides 24/7 weather forecasting services around the world. The station is known for its RealFeel temperature, which calculates the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, precipitation, and other factors on the human body. Meteorologists who work for the channel also offer expert commentary on a variety of local and nationally-syndicated TV and radio programs.

The folks at WeatherNation expressed shock that AT&T would drop the channel from its satellite TV and streaming services. In 2014, DIRECTV dropped The Weather Channel from its satellite TV services, only to bring it back a few months later. Today, DIRECTV NOW is also one of the few live TV streaming services that still offers The Weather Channel. Could WeatherNation return to DIRECTV and DIRECT NOW? Only time will tell. In the meantime, DIRECTV NOW customers can look for AccuWeather to make its debut on the streaming service.

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