Who should you call for DIRECTV support?

It’s a numbers game. If you need to talk to someone on the phone about your DIRECTV service, you can call 1-800-DIRECTV. They have some great folks over there. They really do. But will you get personalized service? Will you get a rep who will be there when you need to call back?

Solid Signal is here to help. Of course, you can start by asking a question on our forum, where certified installers hang out and can answer the really tough stuff, or ask a question on our Facebook or Twitter for fast results. But if you need the kind of personal attention that only a phone call can deliver, you know where you need to call.

888-233-7563. That’s the number for Solid Signal support. Even if you didn’t get your equipment from us, we’ll help you as best we can. We have access to all the same computerized tools as DIRECTV’s massive call centers, and we have something those big call centers don’t have – a real team attitude. We have a staff of people who work together every day and if you need more than that person who answers the phone can give you, we’ll transfer you to someone who can answer you. Or we’ll get the answer from one of our senior techs and answer right away. That’s getting personal, and that’s the Solid Signal way.

Solid Signal’s Novi, Michigan call center is staffed by 100% Americans who understand what you’re going through. They are fully trained on DIRECTV procedures and are standing by to help you through your issues. Sure, it’s true — they’re not available 24/7, only during business hours on weekdays, but that’s so that we can give you top notch support. It’s hard to get really good quality people who want to work at 3am. That’s why we make sure that we only offer support when we know we can do it right.

Keep Solid Signal in mind for all your consumer electronics product purchases, big or small. We’re the company that really cares, and we give you the ease of online shopping combined with a staff that really answers the phone!

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