Commercial Wiring from Business Enterprise Solutions

There’s a huge need for commercial and industrial wiring these days. Today’s businesses need all kinds of voice and data cabling. They also require specialized equipment and devices that go with all of that wiring. Whether you’re building a brand-new business or are updating an existing office, you’ll need to work with a modern commercial wiring expert. Signal Connect’s Business Enterprise Solutions division is your answer!

The Commercial Wiring Experts

Business Enterprise Solutions (BES) is a sub-division of our Signal Connect division. The group was created to serve the growing technology needs of business owners. So, what types of businesses do BES serve? All of them. Whether your workplace is large or small. We’ve provided solutions for new businesses being built and re-wiring for companies that are adding technology to their infrastructure.

Here’s the shortlist of what BES does for its commercial clients:

  • Project management
  • Certification Testing
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Voice/Data/Video
  • Structured Cabling
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Security/CCTV/Access Control
  • Building Automation/Controls
  • CAD
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Design/Build

Commercial Wiring Success Stories

BES has already had some huge successes in commercial wiring, aka Division 27 communications. Franco said, “We’ve had the honor of handling some very large jobs. Both of them involved complex TV installations in sports team stadiums.” The projects he’s referring to are:

  1. Delivering one of the largest 4K installations in the owner’s suite of the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.
  2. Wiring the Atlanta Braves Spring Training Facility Complex (North Port, FL) for more than 100 TVs.

The BES team is proud to have helped deliver these solutions, Franco said. He added, “We provide wiring solutions for large commercial developments but we help smaller businesses too. While every business is different, every client will get the same great customer service.”

Working with Business Enterprise Solutions

After crunching numbers and developing an estimate,  Franco will get back to you with plenty of information including:

  • A design for your wiring solution
  • A bill of materials and build sheet
  • A complete installation diagram

The BES team passes its savings on wiring and equipment to its clients. “We’re a division of Signal Connect, which is a division of Solid Signal,” Franco explained. “Solid Signal is the No. 1 online electronics retailer.” Newsweek seems to agree with him. The magazine recently named our e-commerce website the “Best Site for Consumer Electronics Accessories.” Our site was also ranked in the top 50 (out of about 9,500 evaluated) e-commerce sites.

Easily Get the Best Commercial Wiring

Everyone knows that commercial and industrial wiring is a specialty service. When business owners like you need this type of cabling, it’s best to turn to the experts. The team at Business Enterprise Solutions is who you’re looking for. Let’s talk about the benefits when you get commercial wiring from BES. Would you prefer calling us at 888-233-7563? Or do you want to fill out the form below and send it to us? The choice is yours!

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