DIRECTV and DIRECT NOW Streaming Merger Complete?

An AT&T user has some big news: DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW seem to stream from the same server as of June 1, 2018. The communications giant seems to have begun merging these services months ago, and it now appears to be complete.

DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW users woke up to a big surprise last week. Whether most realized it or not, it’s possible that AT&T completed its merge of both its satellite streaming services. Rather than being on separate services, both satellite TV accounts appear to stream from the same server now. One user, who identifies himself as Lee Hodges, discovered this. He uploaded a YouTube video that seems to show him scrolling through his DIRECTV NOW guide, where many DIRECTV satellite TV channels are also listed.

Mr. Hodges started a Reddit thread that discusses his discovery. In it, he says that he gets the DIRECTV channels in his guide, but was unable to view anything not included in his Go Big package. In the thread, Hodges states that he gets all his locals, but locals aren’t offered in his area. He states that this started about two weeks before the beta app went live.

This recent move makes perfect business sense for AT&T. The communications company no longer has to build and maintain separate apps and servers for its streaming service for DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW. These processes have been streamlined into one app and set of servers to manage all its streaming services.

This latest news is one of many developments to come out of AT&T’s headquarters. The corporation also announced plans to launch a streaming version of its DIRECTV satellite TV services. The recent merger is likely a step in that process. As more DIRECTV-related news comes our way, Solid Signal will continue to pass it on to you, our loyal readers.

Is DIRECTV NOW the Streaming Service for You?

Are you considering getting DIRECTV NOW? Here are some facts about this streaming service provider that might help you decided whether this is for you. Currently, DIRECTV NOW can be streaming on the following devices:

  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • iOS
  • Android phones and tablets

DIRECTV currently offers viewers two streams. AT&T has announced that it increase this to three streams at some later date. If you want to record your favorite programs, DIRECTV NOW released its DVR beta to all its users. It comes with 20 hours of free storage for free. Later this year, AT&T plans to add the option to buy 100 hours of storage. Roku support is also expected “soon,” according to AT&T. If you have questions about DIRECTV NOW, give Solid Signal a call at 877.312.4547. Our reps will answer your questions and guide you toward the best streaming service provider for you.

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