DIRECTV and Local Channels

If you have DIRECTV, you can get some local TV channels.  Signal Connect delivers the most free HDTV to all DIRECTV customers.

DIRECTV clients get most of their news, entertainment, and sports programming from the wide variety of satellite TV channels.  But does DIRECTV have antenna TV?  The answer is yes… but you’ll only get a few of the TV stations in your local media market.  Signal Connect helps you discover which local stations you get with your DIRECTV account, and what else is available.  If you want more free HDTV, we have the answer for that, too.  As an AT&T Preferred dealer, Signal Connect provides residential and commercial DIRECTV packages and the most local TV stations to DIRECTV customers.

DIRECTV Local Channels

When it comes to DIRECTV and antenna TV, there are a lot of misconceptions out there.  Here’s the truth: the average DIRECTV customer gets about six to 10 local TV channels. The average TV market has at least 30-40 TV stations and sub-stations, and bigger cities have even more.  For some people, six to 10 local TV stations might be all you need to enjoy your favorite local news and programming.  If this is the case, AT&T can help you find out which local channels you can receive with your DIRECTV package.

A DIRECTV local channel lookup is the quickest and easiest way to find out which local TV stations you’ll get.  It’s very easy to use AT&T’s Local/Network Channel Availability tool.  Simply type in your address then click the “continue” button.  AT&T will show you which local TV stations you’ll receive with your DIRECTV account.  It also predicts which additional TV stations you might receive if you use a TV antenna alongside your DIRECTV satellite dish.  It only takes a few minutes to get your results.  If you’re a DIRECTV client who’s curious about this, give it a try.

TV Antenna for Local Channels

Are you a DIRECTV customer who wants to receive the most local stations in your TV market?  The best thing to do is use an indoor or outdoor over-the-air TV antenna.  It’s possible to use one of these devices alongside your DIRECTV installation.  The advantage of this is obvious: you and your family get to enjoy all your favorite satellite TV programming as well as the most amount of local TV stations and substations in your media market.  Quite simply, it’s the best of both worlds for DIRECTV clients.

If you want to use a TV antenna beside your DIRECTV, here are a few things you should know:

  1. Your TV antenna is hooked up to the same TV as your DIRECTV installation, but the two are not interconnected.
  2. To watch antenna TV, you’ll switch the input from DIRECTV to your OTA antenna.
  3. While you can watch local TV, you won’t be able to record it with your DIRECTV DVR setup.
  4. To record live TV broadcasts, you’ll need to use an antenna receiver with DVR capabilities.

Adding a TV antenna to your home entertainment setup is the best way for DIRECTV customers to get the most amount of local TV programming.

Does DIRECTV Work in Bad Weather?

The short answer is yes, your DIRECTV installation will operate in the rain, sleet, and snow.  Typically, it’s extreme weather emergencies that cause DIRECTV signal loss or DIRECTV service interruption.  This is a reason why it’s good to have a TV antenna.  Your aerial will always receive local emergency broadcasts and other TV programming.  As long as you have power, such as a generator or home battery system, you’ll be able to watch TV.  This is less taxing on your emergency power system than a satellite dish installation.  (This is important to know during emergencies.)  As a side benefit, you won’t have to brush snow off your antenna like you do your satellite dish.

The Best Antenna for Local Channels

Are you a DIRECTV client who’s ready to add a TV aerial into your home entertainment system?  If so, Signal Connect can help.  Our representatives will match you with a TV antenna that receives the most stations in your media market.  To do this, they turn to Solid Signal, an online electronics store and division of Signal Connect.  We’ll also match you with the right receiver, including one with a DVR function.  If you need installation advice, our reps will send you one of many white papers, and even walk you through the process over the phone.

Speaking of DIRECTV customers and local TV channels, here’s a unique service that Signal Connect provides.  If you have DIRECTV in your RV, our customer support team can connect you with local TV stations wherever you travel.  One of our sales representatives  recently provided this service to one of his RV clients.  We’re happy to do it for you, too.  It’s just one of the many ways Signal Connect offers the best customer support for the life of your DIRECTV account.

Signal Connect: Your AT&T Preferred Dealer

Do you want to get a DIRECTV for your home or business?  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we’ll set you up with the right DIRECTV package for your needs, as well as a satellite dish, and other DIRECTV equipment.  Whether it’s for your home, business, or government installation, Signal Connect will deliver DIRECTV and back it up with account management and other customer support services.  If you’re ready for the best satellite TV and antenna TV experience, give us a call at 888-233-7563.


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