DIRECTV NOW is up to 20,000 on demand titles

Just keeps getting better. DIRECTV NOW is turning into the only live streaming service you’ll need. Latecomers like YouTube TV and Hulu are really beginning to fall behind.

After adding a lot of local channels as well as Fox channels in nearly every market recently, AT&T announced recently that their DIRECTV NOW customers have access to 20,000 on demand titles, a number that rivals not only the satellite-delivered product but also beats the on demand selection of other cable companies.

It’s possible that Hulu has a larger on-demand selection but their recent app redesign, which many have called disastrous, has left users struggling to find content. I personally tried to browse Hulu just yesterday and couldn’t find many of the films I had seen just a few months ago. Some wouldn’t show up in a search meaning they’d probably been removed, but others did show up in a search, meaning that they were there and the app just wasn’t showing them to me in any reasonable way.

That’s why when it comes to live streaming, I prefer DIRECTV NOW. I know that the interface will help me get to the programming I want, not just the 6 things that the company wants to show me. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hulu and YouTube but they don’t have the kind of experience that AT&T has in providing live television and they’re clearly still figuring it out.

While they do, enjoy the over 100 channels of live TV and 20,000 on demand programs on DIRECTV NOW. You’ll be glad you did.

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