DIRECTV NOW Adds NESN, Parental Controls

DIRECTV NOW is adding the New England Sports Network (NESN) to its Just Right and higher live TV streaming packages. NESN is owned by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins, and delivers east coast sports programming throughout the six states in New England. With its addition to DIRECTV NOW, it increases the availability of sports programming for many subscribers.

NESN is available for DIRECTV NOW viewers who live in Massachusetts, Connecticut (except for Fairfield County), Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. NESN was launched in 1984 as one of the country first regional sports networks, and grew to become one of New England’s largest TV networks. Today, it produces a variety of award-winning sports news, events, and specials. NESN is also available on several live TV streaming services such as fuboTV and PlayStation Vue.

This news comes at just the right time for Boston fans. The team is having one of its all-time best seasons in Majory League Baseball history. This gives Boston cord-cutters a chance to root for the home team. For the rest of us, including long-suffering Detroit Tigers fans, this means that Boston fans have one more opportunity to brag. It’s something they seem to do very well and very often. Oh well, considering the team’s record from 1913 to 2003, I suppose they deserve a chance to crow.

Do you want to know if you can get NESN on DIRECTV NOW? Go to your Channel Lookup page and enter your zip code into the “Search RSN Channels” section. If you live in any of the areas where this network is available, NESN will show up in the “Network” and “Affiliated” windows beneath “Available Channels.” While this programming is currently listed on DIRECTV NOW’s website, it hasn’t been confirmed that it’s airing live yet.

NESN will complement the NFL Network available to DIRECTV NOW subscribers with the Just Right and higher-level packages. This specialty sports channel is great for anyone who loves professional football. It delivers on-the-field coverage and coverage from team headquarters, league offices, and other places that the NFL makes the news. NFL Network also provides access to the Thursday Night Football games, NFL Network shows, wall-to-wall news, and fantasy coverage.

In addition to national channels such as NESN and NFL Network, DIRECTV NOW has a huge amount of local TV affiliates. The live TV streaming service continues to acquire local TV programming from various TV markets across the country. Solid Signal currently has the most up-to-date list of all DIRECTV NOW locals. Keep in mind that this huge list, and it will probably become outdated very soon. AT&T continues to secure contracts with TV stations all over the country to improve its DIRECTV NOW live TV streaming service.

DIRECTV NOW Adds Parental Controls

Yesterday, DIRECTV NOW rolled out parental controls for its streaming service. Now, adult subscribers have new options to limit which movies and TV shows their children can access.

On DIRECTV NOW’s website, the company stated, “Our new flexible parental controls are designed to give you peace of mind through the power to better manage what your kids watch. Streamers should be free to pick a package that’s right for them, and not worry about what young ones are watching on their devices in the next room. This way, you can watch those intense crime dramas in the master bedroom, but Pablo Escobar doesn’t become junior’s hero on a tablet.”

DIRECTV NOW is aware that most families sign into the streaming services across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets and TVs. To make sure kids stay off certain channels, the streaming service providers has made its parental control settings device-specific. This means that each device can be configured to different parental restrictions.

Here’s DIRECTV NOW’s simple, three-step process to set your parental controls:

  1. Pull up “Settings,” and find “Parental Controls” at the top of the list or under “Preferences” (depending on your device).
  2. Restrict specific ratings for movies, TV shows, and other programming. For example, you could set anything above PG-13 movies as “off-limits.”
  3. Create a four-digit pin number that viewers need to access content in the restricted categories you established.

DIRECTV NOW knows that kids are tech savvy and like to hack into things that their parents don’t want them to see. Because of this, the streaming provider has taken precautions to prevent kids from simply resetting the password to gain access to programming their parents don’t want them to see. If your kids try to trick the system, they will trigger the “Forgot PIN” process after five incorrect PIN entry attempts. This forces precocious children to get past a second, more complex password that protects the account.

DIRECTV NOW subscribers will see the parental controls feature on iOS and Apple TV devices beginning August 20, 2018. Others will see the new feature soon after that. Check back with Solid Signal for more DIRECTV NOW news and updates from other streaming service providers.

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