DIRECTV NOW Beta App and More

Are you a DIRECTV NOW beta tester who has experienced some bugs? AT&T recently released a new beta app that fixes some bugs on your DIRECTV NOW DVR app.

The DIRECTV NOW beta app was released yesterday (January 23, 2018). This app seems to have fixed some of the most common bugs that beta testers were reporting. The beta app seems to have fixed the bug that force-closed favorites in the guide. It also adds more network bandwidth for each beat tester. (This might have been done to fix buffering issues.) The beta app also seems to have sped up the menu scrolling on Apple TV.

The update also for the first time added a CBS owned network CBS Sports to the beta. This app gives DIRECTV NOW beta testers the ability to watch all sporting events aired by CBS, which includes Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, and other sports-related content.


Speaking of the DIRECTV NOW DVR beta, you might have an invitation to test it out in your spam folder.  AT&T is reaching out to more DIRECTV NOW subscribers to invite them to try its DVR beta. On January 19, AT&T sent out invitations to the Fire TV version of the DIRECTV NOW app and DVR beta. Did you get one? Just because it’s not in your inbox doesn’t mean you weren’t invited. Check your spam folder, because some users reported finding their invite email there.

Are you wondering when AT&T will roll out the DIRECTV NOW DVR? Truthfully, the only thing we can say now is that it’s “coming soon.” What does that mean, exactly? Well, it probably means that AT&T would prefer to take the time its engineers need to roll this DVR service out the right way rather than rushing a flawed service into the market.

DIRECTV NOW Connection Issues

DIRECTV NOW recently experienced outages and increased buffering. AT&T has not released a statement, but some believe that a combination of college football games and playoffs led to an increase in viewers. These numbers were increased from an influx of new subscribers from DIRECTV NOW’s Apple TV offer, as well as DVR beta testers.

AT&T’s engineers must have resolved these minor issues shortly after they surfaced. DIRECTV NOW users told Solid Signal that they’re streaming has been is coming through problem-free since the beginning of January. This lends credence to the theory that the past issues were due to an increase of users during that time, and that AT&T’s engineers have long since corrected it.

DIRECTV NOW: More Good News

DIRECTV NOW is the fastest growing streaming service that’s on its way to becoming the most popular one. It’s affordable, has no contract, and is available on a variety of platforms. DIRECTV NOW also offers a variety of programming. Showtime Anytime was recently added to its available pay stations. If you get Showtime Anytime, you’ll have on-demand access to Showtime original series, movies, and more.

Do you like to watch the programming on your local TV channels? AT&T continues to add local TV affiliates from around the country to DIRECTV NOW’s live TV app. DIRECTV NOW wants you ABC, CBS, Fox, MyNetworkTV, NBC, and The CW affiliates. If AT&T hasn’t added the TV stations in your media market, you can watch your favorite network TV shows on demand. With AT&T adding channels left and right, and the eventual addition of the DVR service, DIRECTV NOW could become the unquestioned leader among streaming service providers.

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