DIRECTV NOW DVR Updates and More

DIRECTV NOW users, AT&T has some big news for you. The communications giant recently released DVR support for HBO shows. DIRECTV NOW customers who have this pay channel should be excited with these new developments. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to fast-forward an HBO show while it’s still being recorded, AT&T just made that possible. It’s just one of many of the ongoing improvements AT&T continues to make to its premier streaming service.

Thanks to AT&T’s latest improvements, DIRECTV NOW customers with HBO can now do the following:

  • Start recording a show from the beginning even if the show has been running for the past 15 minutes.
  • Fast-forward the recording while it’s still recording the show.
  • Watch a show as it’s being recorded.

Previously, these were things you could only do if you had a cable or satellite TV account. These improvements continue to highlight DIRECTV NOW’s evolution, and why many consider it AT&T’s premier streaming service.

No Data Caps for AT&T Internet Customers with DIRECTV NOW

AT&T recently announced that it’s giving unlimited data to AT&T Internet customers who also have DIRECTV NOW. This means that if you have an AT&T Internet account and DIRECTV NOW, you can get free unlimited AT&T home internet. Both services must have the same home address to be eligible.

AT&T recent sent this email to its home Internet and DIRECTV NOW subscribers:

“Good news about your Internet service! Because you also added DIRECTV NOW℠ to your Internet service, we’re giving you unlimited home Internet data at no additional cost.¹ Unlimited data can be used for anything, not just for streaming DIRECTV NOW.

“You don’t have to do a thing. We already added the unlimited home Internet data allowance to your account.

“Remember: Keep both services at your current address to continue enjoying unlimited home Internet data at no charge.²

“If you cancel DIRECTV NOW, then we’ll remove the unlimited home Internet data, and you’ll return to your current monthly data allowance. You can add it back at any time for $30 per month or by bundling your Internet service with another qualifying AT&T product.³

“Already paying for unlimited home Internet data?

“If you already have the unlimited home Internet data option for $30 per month, that line item will be replaced on your bill with a new unlimited home Internet data option line item showing no charge. If you cancel DIRECTV NOW, we’ll automatically add back your original unlimited home Internet data allowance for $30 per month.”

Additional Storage Coming… Someday

AT&T promises to increase DVR storage for its DIRECTV NOW streaming service sometime in the future. DIRECTV NOW currently comes with 20 hours of DVR storage. The ultimate goal is to provide DIRECTV NOW subscribers with the ability to record and store 100 hours of content. AT&T has not given a release date for this 100-hour DVR add-on. When the news is finally announced, Solid Signal will be happy to let you know right here in this blog.

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