DIRECTV NOW is ON FIRE with local channel additions

Seriously. It seems like hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear of changes and additions to DIRECTV NOW, the streaming service that gives you all your favorite channels without any data charges (as long as you’re a qualifying AT&T subscriber.) You’ll get your locals on your phone or streaming box, and the price is lower than any competing cable TV deal. It’s perfect for people who don’t like to be stuck in the living room when they watch TV, and let’s be honest, that’s a lot of people.

This time, the new channel love goes out to NBC stations in Cleveland, Charlotte NC, Denver, Atlant, and Portland OR. That means you won’t miss “This is Us” or any of the other shows on NBC that people just can’t stand to be without. At the rate that new channels are being added, I’m confident that ove 90% of people will be able to get their local channels on DIRECTV NOW by the end of the year.

Even though live streaming TV was a faroff dream just five years ago, it’s becoming an increasingly important part of the way we experience video entertainment. Back in 2012 very few providers were doing any sort of live streaming… the field was largely limited to MLB.TV and DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Package. Intel tried, and failed, to develop a live streaming TV service based on a proprietary box since at that time mobile networks were really not up to the challenge.

DIRECTV started live streaming channels in 2013 but it was secondary to its satellite service, in other words you couldn’t stream unless you had a DIRECTV Satellite subscription. While that was good for folks who wanted occasional access, it wasn’t going to help anyone save money. Eventually, though, live streaming TV came into its own, first with DISH’s Sling TV and then with similar packages from Verizon, Hulu, and YouTube. Today the market is flush with live streaming services, and that’s why it’s important for providers to find a way to stand out. DIRECTV NOW has chosen to take the “high road” of providing really robust channel packages while other providers choose to drive prices down. Eventually I am sure that one provider or another will have a $15/month live TV package, probably with about 20 channels. That’s fine if you like those channels, but DIRECTV NOW’s $35 and up packages are really more in line with what people want.

If you haven’t tried DIRECTV NOW, you can get a free one-week trial at Get DIRECTV NOW – Solid Signal.

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