DIRECTV NOW Gains 342,000 Subscribers!

DIRECTV NOW recently had a spike in subscribers. Numbers recently obtained by CordCuttersNews state that DIRECTV NOW recently added 342,000 subscribers during the second quarter of 2018. If you follow the news of the streaming world, you might wonder how DIRECTV NOW did this. AT&T recently hosted deals on Apple TVs and offered three months of DIRECTV NOW for $10. Promotions such as these attract attention and encourage people to sign up. This strategy could possibly be a risk!

Since AT&T spent money to encourage these sign ups, but there’s no guarantee they’ll remain subscribers after the promos end. Unlike cable or satellite TV, most streaming services don’t lock people into two-year contracts. Subscribers are free to leave at any time. This doesn’t guarantee that the majority of DIRECTV NOW’s new customers will bail. Hopping from service provider to service provider is time consuming. AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW deals might get them there, but the streaming service’s offerings could be enough to encourage them to stay.

The Ongoing Fight for Value

There is a completely different mindset with live streaming services as opposed to contract services such as DIRECTV satellite. With a two-year contract, it’s easier to manage the number of subscribers who choose to leave the service. This number, known as “churn rate,” is easier to control when people have a stiff penalty for leaving early. From the 1990s to the middle of the current decade, the two-year contract was seen as a fair way for people to get free equipment. We’ll give you the stuff you need to use the service but you have to promise to use it for two years, said TV and cellular providers.

That sort of thinking has fallen out of favor fairly recently. Cellular companies, AT&T included, have ceased the biannual contract tango. Instead, they offer phones at full price with financing incentives but without contracts. On the TV side, satellite TV still carries a contract. Introducing DIRECTV NOW gives the contract-averse a way to get the TV they want without worrying about an early termination fee.

One benefit to customers is that services like DIRECTV NOW will constantly innovate. By adding new channels or strengthening bonds with existing channels, AT&T offers ongoing value. The pressure to do this benefits the customer and helps these services find their unique niches. For example, DIRECTV NOW has built a strong portfolio of Spanish-language programming that includes:

  • NBC Universo
  • UniMas
  • Univision TDV
  • Univision East
  • Univision tnovelas
  • Univision West

Not every streaming provider has these channels. If you are looking for this and other type of programming, you’ll enjoy DIRECTV NOW because all of this and more is available. Other services have other channels and add-ons that make them a better value for some.

Is a Live Streaming Service Right for You?

The best part of living in 2018 is choice. If you are the sort of person who wants the best of everything and are willing to commit to a longer term, DIRECTV satellite is an excellent choice because you get programming you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for the basic local channels and a good selection of national channels, choose DIRECTV NOW. Either way, it’s easy to sign up. The experts at Solid Signal are ready to help you get the service that’s right for you. All you need to do is call 877.312.4547.

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