DIRECTV NOW is better now

Do you use DIRECTV NOW on AppleTV? If you do, you know it’s a great live TV solution for cord-cutters. For a low price you get plenty of channels and enough DVR storage to cover most people. Premium channels and sports are available as upgrades. And now, it’s even better.

DIRECTV NOW app updated

The DIRECTV NOW app for AppleTV has been updated and one of the key fixes is that it won’t log you out as often. Your AppleTV apps update themselves automatically and the only way to know one has been updated is if you see a blue dot to the left of the app name. You’ll only see the blue dot when you go to the app for the first time after it’s update. After that it won’t show until the app is updated again.

If you’re like me you get 3-4 app updates a day and you don’t even notice. That’s not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to have something that “just works.”

Logout problems: fixed

Logout problems on AppleTV are really annoying. All you want to do is watch TV and you have to go through all the steps to log in. Apple makes it somewhat easy because they do remember your past usernames. You can speak your password letter by letter or use the iOS app to type them with a keyboard, but sometimes you’re stuck using the “ouija board” method and that’s a total pain especially if your password is “imagonnahavethem*stestaw$$ompasswd1248” like they want you to.

Luckily I did not see a lot of logout issues with DIRECTV NOW in the past. Maybe I was one of the rare ones without problems but I also spend a lot of time looking for issue reports online and I haven’t seen a lot of complaints in this area. Still it’s nice to see some improvements and maybe I’ll see even more stability.

Now they just need to work on…

Whatever it is that the folks at AT&T did, they need to talk to the people at some of these other provider apps. It seems that at least once a week, one of the many provider apps like Showtime, HGTV, and others force me to authenticate again. Some apps make it easy and some really… don’t.

I don’t know why these other apps are so insecure. I get it, they don’t want you watching if you no longer have cable, satellite, or live streaming service. But there has to be a better way than just randomly logging out paying customers every month or so. That’s so annoying when all you want to do is watch TV.

What I end up doing is about once a week going to every installed provider app to see if they work. This only takes about 10 minutes other than the time spent re-authenticating so it’s not a huge drain on my life. It’s just one of “life’s little annoyances” that we deal with today. Still, it’s not necessary and I will be very honest, I say some not-very-nice, NSFW words about the providers when I have to do this. Why would these people ever want me to swear at them for any reason?

Oh well, at least DIRECTV NOW seems to be bulletproof now.

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