DIRECTV NOW Lets Viewers Control Streaming Quality

DIRECTV NOW users now have the ability to control the streaming quality of their streams. This is huge news for anyone looking to save the amount of data used on their mobile devices.

Two weeks ago, DIRECTV NOW rolled out its latest app with DVR support. Since its release, viewers are finding a variety of features embedded into the streaming service provider. The ability to control the streaming quality is the latest feature to be discovered by DIRECTV NOW customers. This new feature is likely the result of a common complaint about DIRECTV NOW – that it was stuck on the highest quality setting, which caused buffering and used large amounts of data.

Do you want to control the streaming quality of your DIRECTV NOW? Here’s how you do it in four easy steps:

Go into your Settings

Select preferences

Find option to set the quality of stream

Choose from Good, Better, or Best

For DIRECTV NOW users, the discovery of this function is huge news. This is probably one of many new features, some of which have yet to be discovered. Will you be the next DIRECTV NOW viewer who finds the latest feature in your new 2.0 app? You might be. If you find something new, let us know about it. We’re always happy to report on the latest updates to DIRECTV NOW and other streaming service providers.

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