DIRECTV NOW Loses Viewers, Wins Big

Even when DIRECTV NOW loses, it continues to win big. The biggest winners continue to be everyone who utilizes this streaming service!

AT&T recently disclosed that it lost 90,000 DIRECTV NOW U.S. subscribers. While this might seem like a huge setback, the company recently gained a total of 300,000 new customers. This number of new viewers adds to the roughly 491,000 customers it added during the first half of the year. AT&T recently released these numbers during a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Already a communications giant, AT&T is in the process of becoming an entertainment titan as well. It started with its acquisition of DIRECTV, of course. This is followed by AT&T’s pending deal to purchase Time Warner and the company’s decision to add HBO to its most affordable unlimited phone plan. As of September 15, Unlimited Choice customers received free HBO as part of their unlimited data, talk, and text for $60 a month.

Ongoing DIRECTV NOW Developments
In its efforts to improve its streaming service, DIRECTV NOW continues to test its DVR app. Hopefully this beta testing will be completed soon so that this DVR feature will be made available to all DIRECTV NOW users. In the meantime, AT&T continues to acquire more ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates from TV markets across the country. This adds nearly 200 local TV channels to DIRECTV NOW’s live TV app and makes it more appealing to people who want to cut the cord.

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