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DIRECTV NOW caught our attention with some interesting news this week. The streaming service is now available on another popular device. We have all the latest news on that. There also was a misunderstanding about DVR recording, which started a stir on Reddit. We were able to get this cleared up to give readers like you a better understanding of what viewers can enjoy on DIRECTV NOW. Lastly, we give our readers an overview on what’s available with DIRECTV NOW, just in case they were wondering. This coverage is all part of our dedication to keep you informed on the latest evolutions in streaming.

DIRECTV NOW 2.0 is Available on Roku

DIRECTV NOW 2.0 launched on Roku this week. This means the streaming service provider made good on its promise to be available on most devices.

When AT&T launched DIRECTV NOW 2.0 in May, the corporation said it would be available on most devices within weeks. The recent launch on Roku means the communications giant kept its word. While that was a quick release, getting to that point took a long time. Just ask any DIRECTV NOW user who’s been waiting for update’s DVR services.

AT&T held back on releasing its DIRECTV NOW 2.0 until it could be fully tested. The company learned its lesson from its DIRECTV NOW launch in 2016. Many users complained about slow speeds, bugs, and other problems. It’s possible that these issues could point to a rushed launch on the part of DIRECTV NOW. By taking its time with releasing 2.0 to all users, AT&T ensured a smoother launch for its new app.

With its 2.0 app, DVR, and other features, DIRECTV NOW continues to be a strong player in the streaming services market. It is now available for Android, Apple TV, Fire TV, iOS, and Roku. Stay tuned for more DIRECTV NOW announcements as the company, and Solid Signal, continue to roll forward. For more detailed information, check out Stuart Sweet’s well written piece on DIRECTV NOW for Roku users.

DIRECTV NOW Recording “Issue” Decoded

Some people thought that DIRECTV NOW replaced recorded shows with on-demand versions that have ads that can’t be skipped. While this might be a common practice with other streaming service providers, it’s not so with DIRECTV NOW.

The rumor started on a Reddit thread dated June 4. One viewer thought that DIRECTV replaced its recorded shows with on-demand versions, specifically Discovery Network programming. The thing is, DIRECTV NOW doesn’t operate like YouTube TV or other streaming services that do this. What probably happened is the Reddit poster simply mistook their “favorite” programs with the ones that were recorded to the DVR.

DIRECTV NOW recently added the ability for users to mark a show as “favorite.” When this happens, the show gets listed in the streaming service’s “My Library section, where live airings and on-demand content is stored. This is different from shows that are recorded to its DVR. Programs that users “DVR” stay that way, including the ability for viewers to skip commercials.

Some streaming pundits believe this could be a huge selling point for DIRECTV NOW. Skipping through commercials is a big reason why most viewers (myself included) choose to DVR their favorite shows. On the other hand, having programming that forces viewers to watch commercials cuts down subscription costs due to increased ad sales. This hasn’t seemed to affect DIRECTV NOW’s prices, though. Whether this could even be an issue in the future remains to be seen.


Since we write a lot about DIRECTV NOW and other streaming service providers. It’s what Streaming Saturday is all about. Since DIRECTV NOW made the biggest splash in streaming news this week, we decided to share this overview of the service. If you’re considering getting DIRECTV NOW, here are some basics that will better inform you about this particular streaming service from AT&T.

DIRECTV NOW Device Compatibility

When it comes to device compatibility, DIRECTV NOW works with these major devices:

  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast, 2nd gen and higher
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Roku
  • iPad, iOS9 and higher
  • iPhone, iOS9 and higher
  • Android 4.4 and higher
  • Chrome 50+
  • Safari 8+

DIRECTV NOW Viewing Packages

If you’re considering getting DIRECTV NOW, you need to know what’s available. Similar to DIRECTV’s satellite TV services, AT&T offers a variety of options for its streaming-only customers. These options are designed to provide every viewer with the best viewing experience within their budget. Here are the current options available to new DIRECTV NOW users:

  • Live a Little – 60+ channels for $35/month
  • Just Right – 80+ channels for $50/month
  • Go Big – 100+ channels for $60/month
  • Gotta Have It – 120+ channels for $70/month

*Note: These prices are subject to change depending upon various DIRECTV NOW promotions offered throughout the year.

For an added cost, DIRECTV NOW users can also add these premium channels to any of the above viewing packages:

  • Cinemax: $5/month
  • HBO: $5/month
  • Showtime: $8/month
  • Starz: $8/month


The biggest DIRECTV NOW news is its True Cloud DVR, which was recently released as part of the streaming service’s 2.0 app. The beta version of this DVR can be used on computers, mobile devices, and streaming devices. Each subscriptions comes with 20 hours of storage time each month, and recorded programs are stored for 30 days. For an extra cost, DIRECTV NOW will soon offer 100 hours of recording that can be saved for 90 days. DIRECTV NOW comes with two simultaneous streams, and also offers the ability to add a third simultaneous stream for an additional $5/month.

Streaming is the Future…

If you’re considering becoming a DIRECTV NOW subscriber, hopefully this brief overview will help you better understand the service. As always, we’ll keep you updated on all the new developments with DIRECTV NOW and other popular streaming service providers. Streaming is always evolving, so you can expect plenty of announcements in the weeks and months to come about streaming video and streaming movies online.

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