DIRECTV NOW… Now from Solid Signal!

Thinking about DIRECTV NOW? The streaming service continues to gain ground in the marketplace as a solid alternative to traditional pay TV. It’s a totally no-contract service for people who want to watch TV on their own terms.

DIRECTV NOW isn’t alone in having had some launch problems, but there has been a massive jump in stability in the last few months. It’s now possible to pause live television on almost any channel, and the massive on-demand library — said to be over 20,000 titles — means you really don’t miss the lack of a DVR.

Now, you can get DIRECTV NOW from the same source you trust for DIRECTV Satellite — Solid Signal. As a DIRECTV dealer, we can also offer DIRECTV NOW as a choice!

DIRECTV NOW is a great option for parents who want to support their kids without giving out passwords that they shouldn’t be giving. It’s a reasonably-priced alternative for anyone who doesn’t want a credit check, and anyone who is just looking for a short-term solution to get live TV. It’s also much easier to install, requiring no special hardware other than your phone or streaming box.

To sign up for a free, no-obligation trial of DIRECTV NOW, simply go to and get started!

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Stuart Sweet
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