DIRECTV NOW on Roku devices!

The wait is over. DIRECTV NOW is finally available on Roku devices. It’s not all of them, but most devices are supported. This comes from the official team announcement:

Roku Device Type Roku Model Number
Roku 2 4210X
Roku 3 4200X
Roku 3 4230X
Roku 4K TV 6000x
Roku Express 3700X
Roku Express + 3710X
Roku Stick (2016) 3600X
Roku 4 4400X
Roku Premiere 4620X
Roku Premiere + 4630X
Roku Ultra 4640X

It is not available on Roku-enabled TVs at this time or on the first-generation streaming stick.

The Roku app looks and functions just like the other apps, which is certainly welcome. DIRECTV is calling this a “Beta” so make up your own mind as to whether it will be 100% stable. If it’s not, I would expect it to evolve quickly as the other platforms have.

If you want to add this channel to your Roku device from your computer, here’s the link: Roku

Happy watching!

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