DIRECTV NOW’s 2.0 App and DVR for Android Phone, Fire TV

DIRECTV NOW’s new DVR and app is available on two more sources. The streaming service provider’s latest features was introduced to Android phone users on Wednesday. The following day, DIRECTV NOW made its DVR and app available to Fire TV users. We strongly believe that a Roku app isn’t far behind. If you own an Android phone or Fire TV and don’t have these updates, simply go into your settings and update. Note: Fire TV users will need a second generation or new Fire TV or Fire Stick to use DIRECTV NOW’s latest apps.

DIRECTV NOW 2.0 Previous Launch

This isn’t the first time DIRECTV NOW released its DVR and app. On May 16, Stuart Sweet offered a hands-on review of DIRECTV NOW 2.0 with DVR for iOS. On May 23, he released another blog post, this time taking a closer look at the AppleTV experiences. Both of these articles offer plenty of how-to advice to users who want to make the most of the updated DIRECTV NOW app on their iOS or Apple TV. If you use either one of these systems to stream DIRECTV NOW, you should check it out.

DIRECTV NOW 2.0 for Android Phone, Fire TV

Do you use Android phone or Fire TV to watch your favorite news, sports, and entertainment? Then you might like the features in the DIRECTV NOW 2.0 app and DVR. There’s a lot to be excited about here because these features give streamers the kind of operation they want. Here is a list of everything new that’s available to Android phone and Fire TV users:

  • True Cloud DVR (beta): Enjoy 20 hours of free recording using this Cloud DVR feature. It lets you record your favorites for replay up to 30 days. Users can record a single episode or series of their favorite shows on nearly every channel. The feature also lets users fast forward and rewind at will. DIRECTV NOW is plans to roll out more capacity options and features later this summer. For example, users will be able to record up to 100 hours and 90-day storage for $10 per month.
  • Redesigned Look: AT&T changed up the look and feel of its DIRECTV NOW app. This update puts users most-watched channels and favorite programs up front. Viewers can also view their current stream while browsing for other show they could want to watch next.
  • Watch Up to Three Streams: With the new app, viewers have access to up to three simultaneous streams. This option to add a third stream to DIRECTV NOW costs users $5 per month.
  • Get Local Channels Away from Home: Yes, you read that correctly. DIRECTV NOW’s 2.0 app lets you take your local TV affiliates with you wherever you go. Streamers who enjoy watching their local news and other programs will likely find this feature exciting. Note: You might want to enjoy this feature while it lasts. While some industry insiders think this is here to stay, others think it’s a glitch that AT&T will eventually fix. We don’t know for sure, but Solid Signal promises to keep an eye on it.

DIRECTV NOW a Strong Streaming Service Provider

While DIRECTV’s primary focus is satellite TV, its DIRECTV NOW continues to be a strong streaming service provider. The addition of this cloud-based DVR, as well as the app’s other features, will strengthen its position in the market. So will its availability across a variety of platforms. (As we said earlier, expect a Roku app any day now.) And for those who still love the charm of their local TV channels, DIRECTV NOW’s ability to get local TV on the go should be a strong selling point. It’s no wonder why DIRECTV NOW is among the top two streaming service providers available today. I predict that the more AT&T continues to develop this brand, the more viewers will be attracted to DIRECTV NOW.

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