This tower might be too tall for you… or maybe not

This 1,500 foot tall tower isn’t the sort of thing your average cord-cutter would have in the backyard. In fact I’m pretty sure that there’s some sort of zoning ordinance against it in every city or town.

No doubt you’ve seen towers like this, though. They’re used for broadcast and for reception, for all sorts of signals. I’m not 100% sure what this particular tower is used for, and if one of our retired engineers cares to chime in based on a look at the top of it, I’d sure appreciate it.

This video was shot by Prairie Aerial, a company that specializes in drone video, and entered into a drone video competition. It’s so good that just like me, you probably were so enthralled by the content that it took you about 30 seconds to say, “hey, how are they getting that footage?”

While climbing a quarter mile in the air may not be your cup of tea, you still might benefit from having an antenna tower on your property. A lot of folks in rural areas do this, and they get clear line-of-sight to cell towers and TV broadcast sites that they couldn’t otherwise get. All radio and TV broadcasts (and this includes cellular) are affected by “obstructions” that cut down on the received power that gets to your antenna. Putting a tower up above those obstructions means a stronger signal.

In the case of TV signals, an antenna mounted up high enough could make the difference between getting that TV station from 80 miles or… not. At that point it’s not just signal strength, but the actual curvature of the earth that can stop TV reception.

There are a lot of choices for towers and a lot of options, and it may seem like it’s far beyond what the average person is capable of doing. That’s why Solid Signal has specialists who can create a custom quote for the tower you’ll need. There’s no charge for the quote and all you have to do is call us at 888-233-7563 during business hours to get started.

You may never have thought of yourself as needing a tower in your backyard, but if it gives you crystal-clear TV reception and strong cell service, why wouldn’t you give it a try?

Thanks to Signal Pro Mike for this suggestion!

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