Hope for the Holidays… and Beyond

Seven needy families enjoyed the holidays thanks to a local charity. Signal Connect is proud to have been a part of this noble cause.

The team at Signal Connect got involved with the Hope for the Holidays charity event. They raised $1,000 for seven needy families with a total of 18 children. These donations were used to purchase $600 in toys for the kids and $400 in gifts cards for their parents. When combined with efforts from other area donors, each family received over $500 in gift cards. They also received multiple gifts and groceries to last well over a week. This included a full turkey and side dishes for every family. All in all, it was a great start to an upcoming year filled with giving!

The Right People, The Right Reasons…

Signal Connect has Katie Drypen to thank for its involvement in the Hope for the Holidays. “Wanting to help is second nature to me,” Katie explained. “There is no better feeling in the world than to be able to give to those in need and help make a difference in their lives.” While searching for a charity to get involved in, Katie was put in touch with Officer Andrew Domzalski of the Northville Police Department. He leads the Hope for the Holidays efforts each year.

Officer Domzalski couldn’t have had a better person to organize Signal Connect’s efforts. Around here, Katie is known as the “speedy support star.” She backs up the Signal Connect sales department in its daily efforts. Her team loves her, but she didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to get involved with Hope for the Holidays. “I brought it up during one of our meetings and everyone jumped on board right away!” she recalled. “Everyone on our team and some people in our office generously donated to this charity; so did one of our vendors!”

“The Police Are Here!”

That’s what some people said when Officer Domzalski pulled into the parking lot. They knew why he was there though. Within minutes, a line of volunteers formed at the door. One by one, these “Signaliens” loaded Domzalski’s cruiser with a variety of food and toy donations. Katie said, “I’m incredibly proud of my team and all those who helped by donating funds and wrapping gifts,” she added. “This was a team effort that has left my heart full.”

Katie and the Signal Connect team weren’t the only ones pleased with the results. Officer Domzalski was impressed with the group’s efforts. He commented, “I’m thankful to Katie and the rest of the team for generously donating to this event. Without businesses who see the value in giving back to their communities, this initiative would not have such an amazing outcome.”

Scott Hilden, Northville Police Chief, also thanked the Signal Connect team. “The hard work of everyone involved has been tremendous,” he said. “An event like this is always about doing what we can to help the families foremost and it was an outstanding team effort.” He also praised Officer Domzalski for his vision and leadership. “His commitment to the community, the families, and his genuine desire to help is commendable,” Hilden added.

A Reason to Care…

Getting involved in Hope for the Holidays is personal for Officer Domzalski. As a child of a hard-working single mother, Christmases weren’t easy for his family. He vividly remembers a holiday where he had one gift to open, but it was a big gift. He recalled, “It was a used BMX bike that my mother tried to paint over scratches and scrub the rust off to make it look new. She couldn’t understand why I was so happy, and why I didn’t say anything about the bike being used.”

There was good reason Domzalski’s mother put so much importance on that gift. Earlier that year, her son couldn’t join his friends at the local BMX racetrack because he didn’t have a bike. “She so desperately wanted me to be part of it, but she couldn’t afford a new bike like my friends had,” he recalled. About 20 years later, his mother asked him why he was so happy to get a used bike for Christmas. “It was the gift of being able to be with my friends and experience childhood like any other young man should,” he explained.

Why We Do What We Do

Everyone who helped with this event had their reasons to get involved. They didn’t do it for fame, notoriety, or a pat on the back. They did it because they’re all incredible people with huge hearts. This was not the Signal Connect team’s first charity drive. It also won’t be the last. Perhaps Katie Drypen said it best. “We’re not going to wait for the holidays,” she commented. “People need help throughout the year, and we’re going to be doing a lot for them in 2022.” On behalf of everyone here at The Signal Group, we hope this story inspires you to do the same for your local charities.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.