Meet Your Signal Pro: Tammy Schoonover

At Solid Signal, it’s our team that makes us the premier online destination for satellite TV, antenna, and cellular enthusiasts. Each of our Signal Pros answers calls, emails, and chats to help you find the product you need. They also ship it to you in a timely fashion, and make themselves available to answer any questions you have. Since these folks do so much to make your experience with us a great one, we’d like to give you the chance to get to know them better.

Tammy Schoonover is our Purchaser. It’s her job to acquire products then have them delivered to our warehouse, though she does much more than that. An integral part of the Solid Signal team for two years, Tammy always steps up and goes above and beyond, and she always does so with a smile. Here’s a little bit more about our hardworking, dedicated, and outgoing purchaser:

How did you end up working at Solid Signal?
“I replied to a position for purchaser on I got a call soon after, and was brought in to interview with Evan Weiss (Executive Vice President). I really liked him, so when he offered me a position with the company, it was an easy decision to make.”

What do you like most about your job? 
“I love being able to analyze data, but I also really like the people here.”

What has been your greatest accomplishment while working here? 
“Helping to reduce stock in the warehouse.”

Do you have any pets? What are their names?
“I have two pets – a five-pound Shih Tzu named Sadie, and a 20-pound cat named Casper. My cat can be pretty moody. He just went deaf, so he is more dependent on me now, and is becoming friendlier. Sadie is very friendly and always wants to play and be picked up.”

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Hobbies, pursuits, etc.) 
“Spend time with my family and friends, shopping, and watching movies. Action and war movies are my favorite. I always gravitated towards these movies because there’s lots going on, and my dad and I used to watch them together.”

When people meet you, what really surprises them about you? 
“That I listen to rap music. When most people meet me, they assume I listen to country music, but I actually prefer artists such as Emimem, Tupac, and Nelly. They’re talented lyricists that can tell stories with messages or just for fun.”

Where is the most exotic place you’ve visited? 
“My aunt’s beach house in Nags Head, North Carolina. It’s not really exotic, but its very relaxing.”

If you could have dinner with one famous person who would it be?
“Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds. I love that show and he just left. I would try to convince him to stay on the show, since It won’t be the same without him.”