PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Turn your old audio receiver into a Bluetooth system

This little white box does one neat trick. I’m talking about our Bluetooth Receiver here, which may not look like much but it can take a stereo from the 1990s and give it new life.

The setup is simple: connect the thing to the line-in ports on your stereo and plug it into a wall power source. Bingo, presto, instant Bluetooth speaker. Because, no one has a huge CD collection anymore, no one plays music from cassettes. Chances are most of your audio library is on your phone, and you don’t want to connect it to your stereo using one of those cheesy headphone cables. I mean, you’d have to leave the room where the phone is and that might mean missing an important text.

So, send music over Bluetooth instead, and enjoy all the power and performance of your home audio system. Chances are you don’t use that old thing as much as you used to because it’s inconvenient to get the music to it. Well inconvenience be gone! Now your whole system acts like one massive, high quality Bluetooth speaker.

What will they think of next?

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Stuart Sweet
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