RV Owner Finds Mobile Internet Solution with Us!

Yes, mobile internet for RVs is a thing and our Signal Connect division delivers it.

Fred Davis works out of his recreational vehicle. Since he’s in the insurance industry, he needs a reliable internet connection wherever he goes. He went searching for a mobile internet solution but every dealer told him they couldn’t help. That all changed when Fred called our Signal Connect division. We have the perfect solution that offers mobile internet for RVs. This turned out to be a miracle for Fred and many other RV owners.

“No One Else Could Help Me!”

That’s how Fred described his experience with other dealers out there. “I work from home and my home is an RV,” explained Fred. “I travel between my properties in Maine and Arkansas, and I need a solution that keeps me connected in both places.” After hearing “We can’t help you” so many times, Fred admits that he was ready to give up on the whole thing.

Fred says he doesn’t remember how he heard of Signal Connect. He thinks one of the dealers he talked to recommended he give us a call. What he’s sure of is that he’s very glad he did. He added, “I connected with a rep named Chris Emerson, and he took the time to explain my options. That was a huge relief!” After talking with Chris, Fred finally learned that there is…

Mobile Internet for RVs

Like everyone at Signal Connect, Chris Emerson knows about mobile internet for RVs. He ran through Fred’s options, ultimately steering him to a gotW3 device with an AT&T Readynet card and Wilson wideband antenna. “This solution gives Fred improved LTE coverage wherever he travels,” explained Chris. “His properties are somewhat remote, and this solution will give him a solid internet connection.”

To be clear, gotW3 is a wireless router that turns 4G LTE, aka cell phone signals, and converts them into internet or Wi-Fi. You purchase the router from us and choose a wireless plan from AT&T or T-Mobile. “Since it’s wireless, the device doesn’t require much setup,” Chris added. “You just take it out of the box, turn it on, and begin surfing the Web.” Here are a few more things you should know about got W3:

  • It offers 300 GB per month of data/internet.
  • You get internet speeds up to 70 Mbps.
  • You can download 4K video, get big files, and keep up to five adults on Zoom at the same time
  • There are no contracts.

“got W3 is the best way to provide mobile internet for RVs,” Chris Emerson added. “I’m very confident in recommending this to Fred and anyone else who wants to stay connected while they travel.”

Concierge Customer Service

That’s what we call our customer support here at Signal Connect. After working with Chris, Fred agrees

“Other companies could learn about customer service from Signal Connect!”

Fred Davis, customer

with this description. “Chris offered impeccable customer service,” he added. “He was so polite and helpful; it was a wonderful experience.”

Are you someone who wants mobile internet for your RV? Or maybe you’d like it in your boat? Or semi-truck? Whatever you need, you should be glad to know that we have mobile internet solutions for just about everyone. And the best way to get it is to…

Contact Signal Connect

“We’re proud of the level of customer service we offer our clients,” said Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect Sales Manager. “All you have to do is contact us.” One of our many talented sales reps will help you. They’ll ask questions to find out what you need, then explain your options. They’ll even make product recommendations to help you get the best experience. You can call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below.

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