Satellite Channel Numbers Added to DIRECTV NOW Beta

Is DIRECTV NOW’s beta app becoming just like DIRECTV Satellite? Some viewers think so because the streaming service is now incorporating DIRECTV channel numbers to its beta app.

Last year, AT&T announced its intention to make its DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV app experience the same. The communications giant recently updated DIRECTV NOW’s Fire TV apps. Some new channel numbers now show up, including MSG Networks. It now shows in the guide as channels 634 and 635. Many believe that AT&T is building the back end of DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV Satellite into one service.

So, why would AT&T do this? Better security and reliability would be the obvious answer. On the security end of things, it would make DIRECTV NOW less prone to hacking than a standing shared service. As to reliability, performance issues such as slow or dropped service could be fixed. This would be good news for everyone who enjoys AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW streaming services.

Rumor has it that AT&T plans to release a home version of DIRECTV NOW with a set-top box. The company’s reason for this is to provide a simple device that allows users to easily watch their favorite shows. This device could feature channel numbers that are very much like traditional pay-TV. Once these projects become a reality, AT&T plans to offer satellite internet.

This news proves that things just keep getting better for DIRECTV NOW’s beta app. All of the improvements mentioned above will be exciting additions to DIRECTV NOW. AT&T also continues to acquire a wide variety of local TV affiliates then adds them to this app. This makes for an exciting future ahead for DIRECTV NOW users. These improvements also might continue to gain a growing share of the streaming business for AT&T.

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