Satellite TV for Large Commercial Properties

When is the best time to install DIRECTV in a commercial real estate development? When the building is still under construction, of course.  It is always easier to install and wire equipment before the job is done.  Signal Connect is an AT&T Preferred Dealer.  We have delivered DIRECTV solutions to stadiums, hospital buildings, and other large developments.  This experience could benefit your next large-scale commercial real estate development.

DIRECTV Does Not Perform Commercial Installations

As a matter of policy, DIRECTV is not equipped to complete installations in many types of businesses and commercial properties.  This means that you will need to work with a DIRECTV dealer for your commercial installation.  More to the point, you will need to work with a DIRECTV dealer that specializes in RF distribution.  What is that?  The term typically refers to the specialized equipment needed to install DIRECTV to multiple TVs, clients, and receivers in large commercial buildings and structures.  The term also refers to process of completing these large, highly specialized installations.

RF Distribution from Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions

If you need an RF installation expert, look no further.  Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions, a division of Signal Connect, specializes in large commercial projects.  Back in 2017 completed a huge DIRECTV 4K programming installation inside the owner’s suite of a football stadium.  This job featured 22 receivers, 22 client boxes, and 22 TV sets.  We are proud to say it was the largest commercial 4K installation of its kind at that time, and even more proud that we helped make it a reality.

Another tech company brought Signal Connect Business Enterprise Solutions onto this project.  They reached out to us because of our their much-needed RF distribution experience.  A team from Enterprise Business Solutions assembled to plan this complex installation, acquire the equipment, and construct a headend system to house all of it.  Some staff from Solid Signal provided equipment and additional help.

The team faced serious challenges with this particular installation.  A narrow window of time, severe weather delay, and critical systems bug all threatened to derail this important project.  Through it all, the team remained positive and focused on the goal, and they completed the job on target.  We consider it an honor to be the first company to complete a 4K installation this big and complex.  

DIRECTV for All Commercial Properties

Getting DIRECTV for your development is not difficult when you work with Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions.  We handle everything for you. This includes a commercial DIRECTV programming package, satellite dish and other equipment needed to complete the job.  We also work to coordinate with a DIRECTV-approved installer that we will work with to troubleshoot your system, work out any kinks, and activate your account.

Are you wondering whether we can deliver DIRECTV to your commercial real estate development project?  The short answer is that we can, regardless of size, scope, and purpose.  This confidence comes from the fact that we have delivered commercial DIRECTV to various institutions across the country, which includes:

  • Shopping centers
  • Housing developments
  • New stadium constructions
  • New hospital constructions
  • New healthcare building constructions

As the RF distribution and DIRECTV experts, no job is too big for Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions to handle.

Get DIRECTV for Your Commercial Property

Do you want to deliver DIRECTV at your commercial real estate development?  Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions can make this a reality.  Our knowledgeable representatives will answer all your questions so you go into this important decision fully informed.  If you need information right away, you will speak directly with one of our reps.  Just call us at 888-233-7563. If you do not have time to make a call today, please take a few minutes to fill out the form below and send it to us.  A member of our team will respond within one business day.

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