TiVo Study Shows State of Streaming

DIRECTV NOW’s “Just Right” is the streaming package consumers want most, according to TiVo’s Q2 2017 Online Video and Pay TV Trends study.

The goal of TiVo’s study is to determine the most popular and user-friendly streaming players. To determine its conclusions, TiVo surveyed 3,069 adults living in the U.S. and Canada, and the study analyzed DIRECTV NOW, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube TV players. The results of the study are extremely important because these statistics paint a picture of what viewers want from their streaming devices in terms of channel coverage, packages, service, and more. When it comes to the channels viewers want, two of DIRECTV NOW’s viewing packages received the highest votes. The other results of the study should be of interest to anyone who enjoys streaming with a streaming player, as well as the streaming services.

Core Channel Coverage

When it comes to offering the most amount of “core channels,” DIRECTV NOW is leader twice over. This is what the respondents of TiVo’s survey said. DIRECTV NOW’s Just Right package took the gold medal while its Live a Little package tied for the silver. Here’s a breakdown of the packages reviewed in the study and the percentages of the core channels the survey’s respondents said the service offers:

  • DIRECTV NOW/Just Right package – 85 percent core channel coverage
  • DIRECTV NOW/Live a Little package – 66.7 percent
  • Sling TV Orange/Blue combo – 66.7 percent
  • Hulu Live TV – 63 percent
  • PlayStation Vue – 59.3 percent
  • Sling TV Orange – 55.6 percent
  • Sling TV Blue – 44.4 percent
  • YouTube TV – 37 percent

*Note: To build this model, TiVo’s Data Science Team generated seven statistically significant bundles based upon the most-selected a la carte channels. The team also cross-referenced these with existing virtual MVPD packages.

What Viewers Want
What viewers want is another important aspect of the study. It tells us what the majority of the survey’s respondents want when it comes to their streaming. These results should be interesting to anyone who’s in the business of providing a streaming service to the public:

  • Of those surveyed, 77.5 percent said they want an a la carte option that lets them pay only for the channels they watch.
  • Respondents said that they’re willing to pay $28.79 per month for a package of about 16-17 self-selected channels. (This is roughly $1.73 per channel.)
  • The top five channels they’d be willing to pay for are HBO, Tennis Channel, Fusion, Telemundo, and Showtime.
  • The most popular channels were: ABC, Discovery Channel, CBS, History and Fox.
  • Most survey respondents listed 19 channels as the ideal lineup for any package.
  • The key viewing trends can be broken up into three groups: sports, lifestyle/travel and kids.
  • According to the survey, 22 percent of the respondents cancelled their TV service in the past 12 months.
  • Antenna use for basic TV channel increased 12.4 percent over a two-year period.
  • The top three drawbacks to pay TV are: cost, poor service, and poor customer service.

An Interesting Study…
We commend TiVo for undertaking this survey. Hopefully, the various streaming services will use the results to deliver viewers the individual channels and bundles they want. (I’m fairly certain that DIRECTV NOW’s staff are paying attention to this, as well they should. The study shows just how appealing this streaming service truly is!) The study also shows the waning influence of cable TV. Whether people are cutting the cord in place of a TV antenna, streaming service, or both. If the results of the study are any indication, this cord-cutting will continue.

Speaking of DIRECTV NOW…
More people have been invited to test DIRECTV NOW’s new DVR and app, as of Tuesday. More customers of both DIRECTV NOW and AT&T received an email that invites them to take part in DIRECTV NOW’s “pre-beta” besting of its new DVR. If you’re hoping you were one of the chosen few, check the email address you gave AT&T and your spam folder to make sure the email is not languishing there. Instead of an invite, other users received an email asking them to fill out a survey to see if they are eligible to join the beta test. You’ll only know if you take the time to check!

In other DIRECTV NOW news, more ABC and NBC affiliates were added to its live TV services on Tuesday. Among the stations added are WSAZ (NBC) and WCHS (ABC), both of the Huntington-Charleston, WV area. NBC’s Detroit affiliated and WSET (ABC) in Lynchburg, VA also were added, as were the ABC and NBC affiliates in Green Bay, WI, and WKEF (ABC) in Dayton, OH. When the rollout is complete, AT&T officials expect to have more than 170 live local channels available for DIRECTV NOW.

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