A gotW3 success story

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So, like many people currently are, I’m working from home. I recently made the investment in one of our GotW3 units since I didn’t have great access to internet at home and I must say it was about as easy as I expected it to be: almost literally plug and play. In particular I went for the AT&T READYNET model since I have a few devices that are required to be wired in and it offers the most ports. Solid Signal’s videos and guides covered almost all of the general set up of the device and installation. The sim card was already installed so I didn’t even have to fuss with trying to put that in like you do when buying a new phone.

The instructions

The instructions included with the unit were very simple and quite easy to follow, just like with any router or modem purchased these days it tells you how to log into it and some basic settings to change and save (mine didn’t require any changes and I thought I was done, that’s what I get for not reading all the steps!) Once you’ve followed those steps it does require you to click a button on that page to reboot the unit and right after I did that it was up and running in about a minute.


To be honest, I really didn’t expect to get the performance out of this that I am which has been an extremely pleasant surprise. I first set up the unit in the basement since that has been converted into my office and was very worried about the signal I’d be getting. However, it’s been steady with zero interruptions or downtime since I’ve started using it. I do tend to enjoy my downtime with video games and streaming along with active voice chat.

The unit tends to handle this fairly well as long as you don’t strain it too much, which of course, was the first thing I tried to do. Started downloading a game, booted up a stream to watch, joined a voice call, and hopped into a game. This however was a bit much for the signal I get in my area due to all the active data streaming. I know most of the stress is caused by the streaming video. After closing the show that I was streaming I noticed a good amount of improvement on the unit’s performance. It went to a steady 1.6MB/s download speed (12Mbps) while still handling the game and voice chat. For 4G LTE speeds it definitely meets my needs.

My setup

All of this is operating off the signal in the basement which is nowhere near perfect. It’s at -114dBm, and I guess that’s really weak. It’s quite amazing that the gotW3 unit still gets these very decent speeds with such a weak signal. With a quick SpeedTest I’ve got a great spread. With SpeedTest.net, I got a ping of barely 40ms, a down of 7.3 Mbps, and Up of 6.1 Mbps. Keep in mind that’s in a basement with practically no cell service! It is able to support my computer through out the day while connect to work and my gaming when off the clock. Honestly, I am extremely pleased with the performance I’m getting out of this. It’s really saved me a lot of stress.

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