Why should you call Solid Signal for activation of your satellite receiver?

There’s a very good reason. When you call Solid Signal for activation, you’re going straight to a group of professionals who speaks your language. It’s no fun going through the CSR tree whether you’re a DIRECTV or DISH customer. We can help you get your receiver activated the first time, every time.

A lot of front-line CSRs don’t understand that Solid Signal is a genuine, certified DIRECTV and DISH dealer and that we offer receivers straight to customers. They may get confused because they don’t see an order through a receiver like they would have if you contact them directly. We can help with all of that. We connect straight to their servers and do the activation for you without the confusion.

We can also help if there is any sort of issue with activating. Sometimes (although it’s rare) incorrect information makes it into DIRECTV’s or DISH’s systems, causing them to confuse a new receiver with one that has already been activated. We’ll help you there too, because we know all the steps we need to take to get those receivers turned on properly.

You can sleep well at night knowing that Solid Signal is a quality dealer who stands behind the products they sell, and one way we do that is making sure activation problems are solved the very first time. By calling us at 877-312-4547 we can make sure everything is right every time.